Monday, August 8, 2016

iOS9.3.4 jailbreak Apple plug on her face after blasting iOS10 expression package

iOS9.3.4 jailbreak Apple plug on her face after blasting iOS10 expression 


August 8 big events: Last weekend, the god of overseas drying out the latest iOS9.3.4 jailbreak results, which Apple is simply the strength of her face. Apple fixing authorities merely introduced iOS9.3.4, but failed to prevent the further development of the jailbreak, but users complained that, iOS9.3.4 Bluetooth transmission problems left over from history has not been resolved, the device includes a direct suffer iPhone6s / 6 / 5s Wait. Blindly plugging jailbreak, Apple seems to have lost early heart.

iPhone6s / 6 / 5s brutally iOS9.3.4 actually hurt this reason
Last week, Apple burst iOS9.3.4 updated, and they strongly urged to upgrade fruit powder, an important security update for this thing, but the pity is, that people worry about the vulnerability still not closed. There are a lot of fruit powder in Apple's official forum post complained that their feedback Bluetooth transmission problems many times, iOS9.3.4 still not given to solve, this is unacceptable.

If I remember correctly, in addition to the two fire iOS8.0.1 and iOS8.0.2 version, very rare in the history of Apple such as iOS9.3.4 untested, suddenly released. Although Apple has repeatedly reaffirmed iOS9.3.4 enhance the security of the system, but as a jailbreak users, it is hard not to think Apple would be more likely to block iOS9.3.3 jailbreak vulnerability, and Bluetooth just outstanding issues We should permit this conclusion.

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iOS9.3.4 successful escape! Overseas hackers blueprint virtuoso
Although Apple yesterday released iOS9.3.4, in this version Apple has blocked the loophole in iOS9.2-9.3.3 Pangu tool used, but it seems that Apple has not been able to find additional vulnerabilities. Because the famous iOS hacker and developer Luca Todesco, began to share the results of his latest crack in the social network.

China Pangu jailbreak team released iOS9.3.3 only 10 days, followed by Apple launched iOS9.3.4 firmware, even after not even beta, Apple seems this is really anxious! However, the outcome is quite regrettable, iOS9.3.4 soon to be big overseas God cracked, Apple simply face no deposit. Just do not know, God will continue to introduce large iOS9.3.4 jailbreak it? What is available? However, given the Bluetooth transmission problems iOS9.3.4 still exists, when the god or wait for a more complete version appears, and then jailbreak it.

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Samsung Galaxy Note7 stunning design details
While the eyes of ordinary people, Galaxy Note7 design style seems different Galaxy S7 Edge is not much, but some of the details of the design, but Samsung has a lot of "first." If you're not clear, then, take a look at some of the latest manufacturing technology gives Samsung official introduction.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 uses 7000 series aluminum alloy frame, 1.3 times more than hard S7, the ability to enhance the scratch also 1.2 times, however, as early as a year ago, Apple released iPhone6s already uses such material. In addition, a new technology to make the edge Note7 has the greatest curvature. Of course, in addition, Samsung Note7 finally spend the glass panel iPhone6s used.

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iPhone7 much as three dimensions of the Samsung S7 version can not match
iPhone7 how several models? If Apple continue to use the policy of the past two years, we will see this year, 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches of iPhone7 iPhone7 Plus. The most recent spy photos, it seems that this statement has also been confirmed. However, credibility is not very high "iPhone7 Pro" today has new evidence on YouTube exposure of a show, there are three versions iPhone7 video.

If the rumors are true, then, iPhone7 will use three color versions and three sizes versions, respectively iPhone7, iPhone7 Pro and iPhone7 Plus, which reportedly iPhone7 Pro will be equipped with dual cameras. IPhone7 If that is the case, simply to catch up with Samsung, a new generation version spree. Even if only two screens of Samsung S7 versions. It seems Apple is Samsung won the true mass.

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iOS9.3.3 jailbreak widget Emojiant: Enlarge your face
Apple iOS10 information application to make a lot of improvements and upgrades, a feature of which is that you can send a larger number of emoji emoticons, if you are a user iOS9 the jailbreak, then you do not have to wait until the official version of the iOS10. Recently, the famous developer Ryan Petrich has created a plugin called Emojiant, its role is to allow you to spend more emoticons.

FIG say expression package bucket, iOS comes with emoji expression package is really miserable abused every minute, but Apple seems to be no sense if the package iOS10 in Sike energy expression used to improve system performance, add some new features, iOS10 playability would not be the case. Of course, the demand for user iOS9.3.4 jailbreak, it is not so strong.

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