Tuesday, August 16, 2016

iOS9.3.3 new features? In addition to escape what is there to look forward to

iOS9.3.3 new features? In addition to escape what is there to look forward to

All eyes may have been put iOS10 body, but before that, Apple will bring us iOS9.3.3. A few days ago, along with iOS9.3.3 beta release, but did not bring a new beta feature for us, it just fixes some Bug, maybe a lot of friends just contact iPhone encountered iOS9.3.3 update, then you iOS9.3.3 official version of what to expect, or what issues need to pay attention to it?
iOS9.3.3 new features?  In addition iOS9.3.3 escape what is there to expect .jpg
  1, we can look forward to the process of this test is very short

  iOS9.3.3 not iOS9.4, from the current situation, the main purpose of this update is to fix the Bug-based, then the official version iOS9.3.3 when it will come? Perhaps before the end of May, perhaps before WWDC2016 opening of the outer media believe that the process of this test will be very short, remember iOS9.2.1 it? It is only through the two tests on the release of the official version, perhaps iOS9.3.3 faster instead.

  2, the release speculative time

  Although iOS9.3.3 release date is unpredictable, but the release time is tracked. Apple has always insisted substantially in a similar time period to bring the system update iOS for us, even if iOS9.3.3 not a big update, but Apple should still stick to their principles, that is to say, we will basically Beijing time 1:00 time for updates, if the arrival of the new system during the European Cup, so just a ......

  3, the desired function

  iOS9.3.3 in the end will not have any new features? From the current situation it is basically no, the expected value of the media out of it is not high, they just want iOS9.3.3 can really solve the Bug, and certain features some fine-tuning can be.

  4, look forward to the new security patches

  iOS9.3.3 Beta does not pose a security patch, the official version of the foreign media prediction iOS9.3.3 there may be a new security update. As we look forward to the past, Apple has been hoping to bring us a more secure system, and we look back review iOS8.1 to iOS9.3 update the many versions of the system, with only two versions do not get security updates (iOS9. 0.1 and iOS9.3.1), so that the chance iOS9.3.3 acquire new security patch is still very large.

  5, do not think is perfect iOS9.3.3

  iOS updates will never be perfect, it will always be some minor bugs and vulnerabilities, but most of us do not have to use Apple devices produce a very significant impact. IOS9.3.3 difficult to predict what will encounter problems if you are an enthusiastic friend, remember that timely feedback to Apple identified the problem.

  6, there are problems but also to return iOS9.3.2

  If you upgrade trouble iOS9.3.3 process, you should have enough time to return iOS9.3.2. However, it is clear that you can return iOS9.3.1's days are numbered, after all, has been released Beta iOS9.3.3.

  7. Do not try to escape

  Although news that iOS9.3.3 can successfully escape, but for white who, not sure, then you do not try to escape, moreover seems jailbreak jailbreak tool for the average user who is also very far away from us.

  The next version of 8, and so do not dwell on iOS system upgrade

  Although iOS9.3.3 not a major update, but it still exists or have their own value, rather than wait for the arrival of iOS10, it is better to upgrade to iOS9.3.3 say. The worst situation? Beta iOS10 on WWDC2016 launch, but the official version of iOS9.3.3 in WWDC2016 end before the arrival of this tangle, but a final version is a beta version, a choice is still there.

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