Monday, August 8, 2016

iOS9.3.3 jailbreak widget iFile: Powerful File Manager to no friends

iOS9.3.3 jailbreak widget iFile: Powerful File Manager to no friends

iFile is a very powerful file manager. Plug- default language is English, the installation is complete, click on the desktop icon to enter the iFile file management page, click on the lower left corner of the gear set [], [language] and then click on the slide and then locate and select [Simplified Chinese], return to the previous page click [done] in the upper right corner, finally restart the device to switch to Chinese. Name the folder itself is in English and can not be switched, so switch the language interface plugins for Chinese in fact not be very meaningful.

NOTE: Please exercise caution when deleting a file, accidentally deleted files may cause the device unusable!

IFile main functions are as follows:

At the same time to create, delete, copy, cut ( move ), paste or compress multiple files or directories;

Rename the file or directory;

Use bookmark file or folder;

Cross-level search for a file;

Use Mail to send one or more files via e-mail;

Edit text files, HTML files and property sheet files;

Edit file properties (name, owner, group, permissions, modification date).

The integrated web server provides files in the current directory browser file upload and download capabilities;

Support WebDAV, will use iFile as network drive;

Transfer files via Bluetooth to iFile other equipment;

IBlueNova to transfer files to other devices;

Install Debian packages (deb);



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