Monday, August 8, 2016

iOS9.3.3 jailbreak widget f.lux automatically adjust the color temperature

iOS9.3.3 jailbreak widget f.lux automatically adjust the color temperature

f.lux horse is God? He can change with the time of day to automatically adjust your iPhone color temperature of the screen, thus minimizing the sense of the screen to the eyes caused by fatigue and help improve their quality of sleep a night owl.

Core functions:

Screen color temperature adjustment is simply the Gospel feces yellow screen, with it not so tangled yellow screen problem.


* 1700 K: Match Light
* 1850 K: Candles
* 2800 K: incandescent (tungsten)
* 3350 K: Studio "CP" lamp
* 3400 K: studio lamps, photographic floodlight (not flash), etc ...
* 4100 K: Moonlight
* 5000 K: Daylight
* 5500 K: The average daylight, electronic flash (varies by manufacturer)
* 5770 K: the effective temperature of the sun
* 6420 K: xenon arc lamp
* 6500 K: Daylight

Instructions for use:

1, from the PP escape Assistant or Cydia to install f.lux
2, click on the screen icon F.lux
3, although it is in English, but as long as the primary reading are bound to understand. f.lux preview feature, just follow the prompts finger around the activities you can see immediate results. Members Users can also choose their own screen brightness based on the brightness reference table. It is worth mentioning that, f.lux pausing function is provided to facilitate some special operation by the user, you know.

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