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iOS9.3.3 jailbreak still play it? The final blow to iOS10

iOS9.3.3 jailbreak still play it? The final blow to iOS10

July 19 big events: back in early July, the country had to admit Pangu Team team has achieved iOS9.3.3 escape and iOS10 Beta jailbreak, after a lapse of a half months, the official version came iOS9.3.3, iOS9.3.3 also jailbreak Have it? Apple has today launched the official version iOS9.3.3 and third beta iOS10 and hopeful users began to ask iOS9.3.3 jailbreak still play it?

1999 officially released Meizu MX6 7.30 yuan Listed

Sony IMX386 world premiere, 6P outstanding customized lens camera; flagship all-metal design; 24W fast charge; 10 core the entire network, 4G Grand Canal deposit; TDDI Sharp screen 5.5 inches. At 16:00 on the 19th from the Meizu store, stores nationwide, Lynx, Jingdong, Suning, Shop No. 1, Tutu Street, Meizu social channels and posted it by appointment, July 30 listing.

Meizu MX6 uses 10 core 64-bit processor with 4G and 32G flash memory on, whether it is entertainment, games can firepower; the new file system, read and write speed soaring, use more smoothly. Thanks to the excellent energy consumption ratio, 3060mAh battery easily meet all day use. MX6 will be the first fingerprint payment support, red envelopes, point Takeout, when transfers can easily use a small fee.
Mengchuo enter more >> Meizu MX6 listed price of 1999 yuan actually true price of 7.30

iOS10 beta3 release new features summary

In the middle of last month after the WWDC keynote, Apple released a iOS10 beta1, earlier this month, Apple released iOS10 beta2, brought a lot of new features and new features. Public beta has been released earlier this month. iOS10 has many new features and functions, including the redesigned News and music applications, the new Home application, redesigned lock screen and so on.

Apple usually added in beta major software update, iOS10 beta3, too, has now been found in 21 feature updates much, but, unfortunately, with a number of domestic and updated HomeKit not be used, in addition, most of the native applications in domestic use operability is not very strong, and many features jailbreak community has been achieved!
Mengchuo enter more details >> iOS10 beta3 release new features summary

watchOS3 and tvOS10 beta3 release

After a period of time the official version, watchOS3 and tvOS10 should also arrived. Apple today major platform for multiple systems were updated, including a third Beta version of the upcoming launch in the fall of watchOS3 and tvOS10. Today push watchOS 3 Beta3 version for developers, developers can register by iOS10 the Watch Application to OTA update.

Since watchOS birth, users accustomed to Apple's system updates are delayed tri-mode, and today is no exception, iOS10 beta3 released at the same time, watchOS 3 Beta3, tvOS10 beta3 and macOS Sierra beta3 also comes along. Although these operating systems inside, favored by domestic users also unique iOS10, but also looked very lively.
Mengchuo enter more details >> watchOS 3 and tvOS 10 third Beta version released

Apple released iOS9.3.3 Bug fixes to improve security

9to5mac According to foreign media reports, Apple has just released the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch latest version of the system iOS9.3.3. The update will be available this fall with the release of iOS10 and not much contact. But iOS system several fixes and improvements. The iOS9.3.3 gone through a lengthy testing process, a total of five times the beta release. Users can update the operating system by setting options.

Back in early July, the country had to admit Pangu Team team has achieved iOS9.3.3 escape and iOS10 Beta jailbreak, after a lapse of two weeks now, and iOS10 iOS9.3.3 were gone in two versions, I do not know whether Apple has plugging loopholes related to escape. Saying excitement of the fans had to jailbreak day hope hope the night at home, do not block the vulnerability, iOS9.3.3 escape quickly out. However, Apple may not allow this to happen, after all iOS9.3.3 jailbreak upgrade rate iOS10 will bring painful blow.
Mengchuo enter more >> Apple released iOS9.3.3 improve security update fixes a bug

iOS10 beta3 and iOS9.3.3 official version volley ye choose?

Today is the day Apple's software update, because in addition to a new round of iOS10 Beta addition, iOS9.3.3 official version came. News, Apple in Beijing early this morning pushes iOS9.3.3 update, before this version has gone through five Beta testing. Surprisingly, this time iOS9.3.3 official version number 13G34, a number consistent with Beta5. That is, the original Beta5 is the official version today.

By comparison, feature updates iOS10 although many, but it is inadequate updates, for domestic users, practicality is not stronger than iOS9.3.3 the official version, not to mention the beta risk of instability currently iOS9 .3.3 is the best choice. Of course, the most important reason for choosing iOS9.3.3 that escape from a step closer.
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