Monday, August 15, 2016

iOS9.3.3 jailbreak school of life no longer playfully iPhone7

iOS9.3.3 jailbreak school of life no longer playfully iPhone7

August 15 big events: iOS19.3.3 jailbreak tool released more than 20 days, the jailbreak community seems calm on the surface, but more jailbreak plug continues to be compatible with one vibrant. From the legendary Apple the iPhone . 7 conference time is getting closer, Samsung Note7 tug of war between iPhone7 and intensified, Samsung Note7 unprecedented momentum seems to force people, lonely iPhone7 still as it was before it playfully ?

Etc. iPhone6s prices or new iPhone7?
I believe there are a lot of fruit powder will choose to buy the latest iPhone, unveiled last year, but iPhone6s / 6s Plus is still very worthy of consideration equipment. Now if you want to buy a new iPhone, it is best to wait a bit, after Apple released in September until the next generation iPhone, you can save money for themselves.

Traditionally, Apple will release the new iPhone, the price of the older equipment or offline process, of course, this is not dangerous iPhone6s offline presence, so if you want to start this year iPhone6s, may wish to wait a month so, it would be able to save about 800 yuan. Of course, if your budget is sufficient, money is capricious, then you may wish to wait a month or so, although the new iPhone7 suffered Tucao, but more than iPhone6s still have an advantage.
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History of the most "dirty" live millet upcoming washing machine

This afternoon, millet smart home will increase by another one, probably millet washing machine! @ Mi APP officer Wei said at 18:30 on August 15 will be broadcast live 899,999 rooms in the new release of millet, with pictures, you can see the words "Kokichi Smart mini washing machine", and copy exactly the same.

Millet seems to be the way to force dirty copy in the end. Washing machine launch, so millet "department" Building the addition of a new product category. Undoubtedly, this is a need to buy the product, when millet began to buy from fast food, I think, people no longer have to worry about weight-loss problems, after all, hunger marketing millet are good at, do not wait until the user thirst to lose your head, you will not eat the.
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This plug-in gives Safari bookmarks display favicon

iOS version of Safari to the user a good Internet experience, but there are users believe that in some detail, but there is still arguable space, such as bookmarks. In the iOS version of Safari, all the bookmarks using the same icon, which will give users a confusion in the choice, that is not intuitive.

Domestic team released iOS9.3.3 Pangu jailbreak tool now, 20 days later, although Apple can not wait to update iOS9.3.4 block the jailbreak vulnerabilities, but more and more plug-ins continue to jailbreak compatible shelves can be seen, iOS9.3.3 jailbreak market vibrant as before.
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Samsung Note7 hardware configuration tyrannical iPhone7

"Galaxy Note7 already ahead of the iPhone," and this is one of the hot headlines recently, most technology media, which many commentators believe that no matter how much text, is nothing more than the usual marketing ploy Samsung fills completely earned media hits gimmick. However, the recent Todd Hassell briefly discusses how the technology gap between Samsung and Apple opened between.

In simple terms, Todd Hassell's remarks first affirmed Samsung Note7 in the hardware configuration has been rolling Apple iPhone7, but unfortunately, the market does not see this, because it is known, the level of technology has always been to make Samsung very playfully capital, but the frustration is always sold more biased towards Apple's iPhone. Of course, however, it does not mean iPhone7 can let themselves go.
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