Friday, August 12, 2016

iOS9.3.3 jailbreak how the election? iOS10 official version is getting closer

iOS9.3.3 jailbreak how the election? iOS10 official version is getting closer

August 10 big events: iOS10 official version is getting closer, Apple is to finish the work, intensive test version of iOS10. Presumably, many users have begun to tangle, iOS9.3.3 jailbreak and iOS10 how the election? iOS9.3.4 can be ignored, because almost exactly the same functionality and 9.3.3, No jailbreak tool! Although Apple still continue to iOS10 test version, but iOS10 stronger than iOS9.3.3 can go? Moreover, iOS9.3.3 jail, I do not know how much stronger than the features iOS10.

Apple iOS10 beta5 new features summary
Seeing the upcoming September, Apple also to speed up the testing iOS10, and today they released the fifth beta version and the latest public beta. Apple today released a developer iOS10 Beta5 beta, beta users also face a new test version, with iOS10 test is nearing completion, the iOS10 Beta5 the major changes is not much, but the system that contains many small changes and improvements .

Overall, iOS10 beta5 and no major feature update, mainly fixes some small Bug, and some of the details to make adjustments, such as adding a new lock screen sound, it sounds like a door slamming, while controlling the center of gravity music icons have also been adjusted. Now let users tangled, Bluetooth iOS9.3.4 problems that exist, whether there iOS10 in?
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Jimmy Lin with iPhone7 sent a microblogging users fryer

Tanabata Festival do not know how you ever, Jimmy Lin on drying out the photo of himself and his wife in the bow, a very loving sweet. However, he's this microblogging suddenly let users raged, the original microblogging display from "Pro7 iPhone". Although microblogging members have permission to change the tail, but the mutation from Pro7 iPhone 6s Plus as Pro7 iPhone or netizens Tucao.

As we all know, following the singing, acting, after racing, exposed Apple's material has long been not the old god Jimmy Lin has a sideline, and successive years, Jimmy Lin will be before Apple released the new iPhone broke the news on the microblogging, and therefore large fruit powder sought. However, Apple's exposure to the material for the music of Jimmy Lin, this seems just like to take Pro7 iPhone to install a force, did not think he was sharp-eyed fans caught. Saying that there is no god this material may be exposed up?
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Meizu charm Blue E released 1299 yuan spot!

Meizu announced a new generation of young Ichiban Blue E Charm thousand Yuan machine price, known as the standard of workmanship has three or four thousand flagship machine, while the price of only 1299 yuan. And prepare 500,000 cash available to everyone, we do not have to head to grab the phone doing it! Called the conscience of the seller! Charm Blue E 32GB is priced at 1,299 yuan, by appointment from 16:00 today, August 14 on sale, 500,000 cash.

Tell the conscience, Meizu charm Blue E do not comment, but for the duration of the conference to promote its charm blue E, E cup goddess Meizu play, and where to go? Friends have said, the pants are off, you give me a look at this! I do not know since when, Meizu playing the vulgar marketing, but also out of control, take the feminine female singer Kim Min Qi's baited, it is not a respectable business that some behavior.
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iPhone7 Plus upgrade 2K screen? Listen to like!

From iPhone6, Apple began to play the most flagship model dual-strategy in order to seize the market share of Samsung's Note series, and Apple may still continue this practice in the next month iPhone7 new conference, but now there are foreign media sources He said Apple will further distinguish iPhone7 iPhone7 Plus and resolution specifications, the former 1080P level, which is upgraded to the level of 2K.

In accordance with Apple's practice of inter-generational big upgrade, the main characteristic iPhone7 should come from changes in appearance, but not the great leap forward in performance, of course, performance iPhone7 than iPhone6s certainly be an upgrade, but 2K screen for relatively conservative apple , a little difficult. Remember, in the end the domestic companies Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong told 2K screen scoff, but later had to push VR products launched 2K screen mobile phone. But so far, Apple push VR product news did not spread, therefore, 2K screen rumors we hear just fine, not too seriously.
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