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iOS9.3.3 escape when released? What Great God waiting for?

iOS9.3.3 escape when released? What Great God waiting for?

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July 22 big events: iOS9.3.3 official release three days, the user long-awaited iOS9.3.3 jailbreak seems still nothing happened. From March this year iOS9.1 jailbreak release date, it has been more than four months. Back in early July this year, China Pangu team has publicly demonstrate iOS9.3.3 and iOS10 beta jailbreak now, iOS9.3.3 can successfully jailbreak it? As iOS10 before the last updated version, iOS9.3.3 jailbreak still has its value exists.

The United States actually use the characters iPhone7 pictures!

Some Internet users in the US drama "hacker army" the second episode in the second quarter saw the amazing scene when the characters take pictures, use of mobile phones is actually iPhone7, with its appearance before the exposure of the spy photos are basically the same, this is the horse of God. .. then, sources claimed that Apple plans to change iPhone7 marketing model, that is no longer confidential.

Anyway, the militarization of security measures will not work, since we want to know in advance iPhone7 looks like Apple will boldly four exposure, and this is simply Jobs doctrine to overturn. In addition to the fact iPhone7 friends said exposure play outside, before also appeared in Hong Kong artist Cecilia pictures from inside, and the play appears iPhone7 exactly the same.
Mengchuo enter more >> Apple in the United States play in advance according to real machine exposure iPhone7

Samsung Note7 iris recognition Daqi Di too look down on people!

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Samsung Note7 iris recognition technology these days frequently exposed, from the current indications it hit high security, using the steps a little cumbersome, but the speed is still fast unlock, Samsung's investment in research and development but also live sensor, independent design algorithm. Now, microblogging users @ ice cold coffee BH1SMB Note7 iris recognition has exposed a number of precautions for use.

As Samsung Note7 biggest selling point, iris recognition is transmitted almost marvelous, but this does not seem black science and technology will consider the human eye with the feeling, at the time of registration, we need to remove glasses or contact lenses, while avoiding direct sunlight, indoors, while in the daily unlocking process, also we need to pick glasses. However, do you think the average user all right? No, Samsung Note7 infrared emitter potential cause eye injury. This ...... use complex, as well as the potential risk, say good annual masterpiece also allows people to properly engage the machine.
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Published Note2 millet price exposure

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July 27, Millet new conference will be held in Beijing, officially released red rice Pro and another product, but has long been rumored millet Note2 does not show up in this conference. So, when millet Note 2 release it? Analysts Pan Jiutang just in the micro-Bo said, millet Note2 certainly will be released in August, and before the exposure of this message exactly.

A year later, millet Note series and then a new machine, it will set off a bloody what? I remember in January 2015, a small grab Xiaolong 810 starts, abruptly made the millet Note this PPT flagship machine, the Xiaolong 810 drag a few months before the official market, and the impact of the original price 3000 yuan ambitions was extinguished, and even had to rely on a variety of versions of the conference to make the brush visibility, think also drunk. The red rice Note2 to repeat it?
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Apple recommends that users upgrade equipment exposed vulnerabilities iOS9.3.3

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In addition to system updates can add new features to devices and users, you can also let your equipment improvements in security, if you have not installed Apple's new round of system updates, may have to act quickly. According to foreign media reports, in the previous iOS, OS X, tvOS and watchOS contains a vulnerability that allows remote hackers to steal saved passwords on Apple devices, and for password hacking You may even ignorant.

Although Apple has not closed iOS9.3.2 firmware validation, but does not support the view of iOS9.3.2 escape, but iOS10 also temporarily before the arrival, we can say iOS9.3.3 is the best choice, not to mention the recent iOS vulnerabilities exposed . Of course, the key lies, iOS9.3.3 will be the last version iOS9, which means that this version is the best performance and stability, but also the most likely to become jailbreak version, so why not give it a try, after the upgrade might iOS9.3.3 jailbreak came of it.
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