Sunday, August 14, 2016

iOS9.3.3 escape in sight! iOS10 peril

iOS9.3.3 escape in sight! iOS10 peril

July 4 major events: As iOS10 it is no bright spots, even when coupled with Apple to force users to upgrade, if iOS9.3.3 jailbreak possible, many users will choose in advance to escape. In other words, if you can jailbreak iOS9.3.3 iOS10 official release before the launch, it will undoubtedly become the biggest obstacle iOS10 upgrade rates. However, I did not know this hard-won jailbreak Apple will again be blocked.

awesome! Pangu confirm iOS9.3.3 / iOS10 beta1 successful escape

Pangu security team confirmed the news and said iOS9.3.3 currently escape has also been completed. After Apple iOS9.1, we have four months to see no escape team news, although at this time we see a lot of foreign social media geeks demonstrate some iPhone jailbreak, but can real confirmation has not yet appeared, ultimately depends on domestic jailbreak team effort.

If iOS9.3.3 successful escape before iOS10 launched the official version, it can be expected, even if forced to upgrade, Apple can not change iOS10 fate. On the one hand, iOS10 own strengths playability is better iOS9.3.3 jailbreak, on the other hand, several generations of the operating system upgrade, fruit powder probably summed up the law, the new system is ready for the new equipment, upgrade old equipment large version It is suicidal.
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Millet 5S / millet Note2 homogeneous exposure of new features to see cry Friends

Early in April, the industry @ Mocha RQ on exposure 5S millet and millet Note2 messages. Follow @ Mocha RQ saying, millet 5S millet upgraded version 5, the screen size and resolution of the line difference is not big, but it will add pressure on the touch function, but also to upgrade to Qualcomm's ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, but the camera is also possible that double post set design.

Note 5 millet and millet millet was once a high-end market is expected to sprint big kill, but unfortunately, due to the millet Note Xiaolong 810 fever incriminate other reasons sprint failed, millet 5 affected year after release has taken conservative strategy, then the next Note2 millet and millet 5S can continue to enter more than 3,000 yuan price, and the ability to successfully gain a firm foothold, millet able to enter the high-end market is an important turning point.
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Apple iOS9.3 night mode for the next application for a trademark or universal

Apple iOS9.3 together with the launch of the "Night Shift" mode, it can automatically adjust the screen color temperature based on time and location, resulting in a more comfortable night's viewing experience. Now, Apple has in the United States and Hong Kong, respectively, filed a separate trademark for "Night Shift". Speculation that Apple is single-function application for a trademark practice, except for the purpose of protection of their own technology, there may be on the future product technology reverse a hint.

Apple applied for "Night Shift" mode trademark laugh jailbreak community, the reason is very simple, Apple has repeatedly killed seal third night mode function, causing the user can only accomplish this through jailbreak, Apple finally iOS9 the last Release the night mode, but also a registered trademark, which allows third-party and which cry to escape big God?
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Millet Max low version on sale 1299 yuan 2GB memory

Middle of last month, there are users find millet Max addition to the current version of the sales, there is a low version, memory capacity reduced from 3GB to 2GB, body storage space is only 16GB. By Millet official website IMEI number, which is a special version called "mainland electricity supplier" version, not the official website sales. However, after some searching, we did not sell millet Max businesses found online.

The millet Max low version really is the dragon head, not the tail, elusive! Now Millet official website is still not shelves, but Max has started selling millet in India, it is said price is lower than the official price of the mainland, this is so that the domestic rice a little disappointed. Under normal circumstances, the price of millet overseas will be higher than the domestic price, this will make the domestic rice millet feeling conscience, and now it ......
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