Monday, August 15, 2016

iOS9.3.3 escape from the necessity of the talk show iOS10

iOS9.3.3 escape from the necessity of the talk show iOS10

June 6 Big Event: While the discussion about the need to escape never stopped, but the foreign media on the latest iOS9.3.3 escape the necessity of discussion for the jailbreak community has brought new concerns, I would say that as long as there is breath in I would even behind iOS9.3.3 escape, after all iOS comparatively good performance when we escape to freedom now, iOS9 not reflect on their own mediocre performance, but also often forced to upgrade, extreme annoyance.

Foreign media: iOS9.3.3 jailbreak also necessary?

"IOS jailbreak is not already accepted the finish line? Does look like this." Foreign website ZDNet recently issued a document questioned the necessity of iOS jailbreak, meaning that the site had less then escape. ZDNet's Adrian Kingsley-Hughes editor, said the latest tools and iOS9.1 jailbreak is released, but it is already almost three months before the matter is now in June, iOS latest version is 9.3.2.

In recent years, Apple iOS jailbreak attitude is nothing less than a few, of course, is frantically trying to fix it, even if you do not fix Bug, it must first jailbreak plugging loopholes; followed by the amnesty, after the famous jailbreak genius Wincom entry apples, for the jailbreak community is undoubtedly a huge blow; finally I must mention that the past two years, Apple's iOS jailbreak community to continue apprenticeship steal the division, but also gradually reduce the need for users to jailbreak. But, thousand ten thousand, iOS more and more mediocre performance, but also forced to upgrade, as long as we breathe, I still want to escape even behind!
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2299 yuan plus a 3 Blind sale 2999 yuan instantly sold out the true faith

Today 10:00 am, the first batch of 1,000 units oneplus one 3 officially opened blind sale price 2999 yuan (non-final pricing, Duotuishaobu). Participation buying friends that have not gone for a second, and @ one plus CEO Liuzuo Hu said: "after the listing can not do that, too suck." Forward microblogging Liu Zuohu then said: "Thank you for your trust, 16 No formal sale when adequate supply. "

2,999 yuan, 1,000 blind sale of second chime, fans seemed easily passed the test, although it is Duotuishaobu, but have to wait until the 16th, along with shipping and other users, Liu Zuohu mention only adequate supply, nor even mention blind Sale preferential policies, is not enough kind ah? PS: One plus 3 mobile phone will be officially released on June 15, June 16 officially on sale, known as stocking millions of millet 5 and other awkward waiting.
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IPhone6s weak sales iPhone7 blessing in disguise

Apple quarter results because of a decline in the iPhone for the first time, plus iPhone7 since rumors have not imply any change to force people to its next performance is not good. However, recently there another way analysts think it is iPhone6s previous underperformance will help Apple in the next time. However, the problem is far more than that simple.

One should not look bad iPhone7, for two reasons, iPhone6s sales weakness, delayed some users out of the old process equipment, so long as a little iPhone7 outstanding performance that users will buy buy buy. A large number of user devices are not supported iPhone4s iOS10 and buy buy buy is inevitable. Of course, this ultimately iOS10 fit, iOS10 on iPhone7 whether outstanding performance is critical, if it continues for a variety of haze iOS9 probably going to be delayed a year iPhone4s user sees this new machine, the Cook really crying .
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Samsung Note6 contrast Note5 less convex

Previously there have been Samsung GALAXY Note6 Edge concept video was exposed, which we can easily find the shape of the aircraft continued the GALAXY S7 edge design, but the body seems to have become some thicker. And now, well-known people broke @OnLeaks has released the Samsung GALAXY Note 6 renderings contrast with Samsung GALAXY Note 5 and other family members.

As an experienced user of smart phones, personal feeling, feel, though important, but compared with life, not worth mentioning, and even thicker 0.2mm, as long as a good optimization in the process, the impact on the feel of almost negligible, if Samsung Note6 this thick 0.2mm, allowing life has been changed, but also let the camera raised less convex, for the user, is why. It is said that Apple recently disillusioned, iPhone7 may have to thicken.
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WWDC2016 iOS10 into a unique protagonist exclusive developer

A few days ago Apple announced WWDC2016 keynote schedule, there is relatively little surprising: local time on June 13, 10 am, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, including executives in 比尔格雷厄Farm municipal auditorium (Bill Graham Civic auditorium) keynote speech.

On WWDC, iOS10, OS X10.12 and new tvOS and watchOS is Needless to say, but for the user, an Apple conference if there is no hardware, just not open this conference, even though this is the WWDC Apple developers conference, so, over the years, Apple has a habit of tying in some hardware developer conference, however, from last year to restart the spring conference, WWDC seems to be completely separated from the hardware, and the upcoming WWDC2016 it seems to have no hardware broke the news, which means that developers conference, the conference is proprietary software.
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