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iOS9.3.2 jailbreak boom waning? So it Andrews Root

iOS9.3.2 jailbreak boom waning? So it Andrews Root

For Jailbreak and Root these two words, I believe A little knowledge of digital friends should understand before. Many Apple users and Android users in the new machine after the start, wanted to escape and is often the first thing ROOT. But a little strange is that, in the last couple of years, the word jailbreak gradually fade from view, while at the same time, demand has increasingly ROOT of the strong. This in the end is how it happened?
iOS9.3.2 jailbreak boom waning?  So .png Andrew Root
In fact, this issue should be understood in two ways:

On the one hand it is different from Apple users and Android users demand.

As we all know, though Apple's iPhone and Android mobile phone interface is quite similar, but Apple users are more inclined to use a mobile phone, and closed iOS system also gives the user a good experience, except a very few fans, not many users need to jailbreak of. In recent years, Apple's CEO since taking office after Cook, Apple's style of doing things became pale, iOS system for user permissions more and more open, the original need to jailbreak in order to achieve the functionality is now no longer needed, such as third-party input method stand by. So for less love tossing mobile phone users, but do not need to study the "Prison Break" the.

And Andrews is very different in the Android users, at least more than 30% of users are like "engaged machine" and "playing machine", they are keen to ROOT brush machine, mobile-optimized operation. More importantly, the Android users, at least over 80% of users have to uninstall the pre-installed software needs, they have to uninstall the pre-installed by obtaining permission to Root, Root then only if you do not tolerate harassment of pre-installed software.

, Is different from all of these Apple iOS users and Android users demand, it is why iOS jailbreak now less, but one of the reasons Android users are keen to escape.

On the other hand is a tripartite system vendors treat different attitude.

Apple software and hardware integration of the company, mobile phone hardware design and system development by all Apple's own development, delivered directly to foundries (such as Foxconn) after all of these things right the foundry, then basically you can directly open sold. In this one, Apple's own iOS system for hand surgeon, to allow users to get the perfect experience, it is not possible for the sake of little petty implant promotion software in the system, which is why many people think Apple phone inside the iOS system are worth more than a thousand reasons for the block.

And Google's Android system is not the case, the Google Android system approach is to provide a male mold or template for everyone to use, we can based on my system for secondary development, additions and deletion of some functionality. In fairness, Google's Android system is also very kind, in a new generation of Android 6.0, even built-in Google's own software does not require Root permission can be deleted.

But the frustration is the mobile phone manufacturers are not of one mind, because if all the pre-installed software can be uninstalled in order to avoid Root, then the mobile phone manufacturers pre-installed software by profit plans shattered.

Finally, after repeated negotiations, Google decided to make Android 6.0 mobile phone manufacturers can not directly choose to uninstall system applications . Comparison of conscience for some mobile phone manufacturers, such as Sony phones are allowed to uninstall most third-party applications and preloaded Google system application part, but the dial, download, music and system settings should be the exception, because these applications do not uninstall the system does not cause stable, easy to collapse.

But for the vast majority of mobile phone manufacturers, in particular, the depth of customization based on Google's ROM or UI manufacturers, it is absolutely impossible to allow users to directly delete pre-installed software, and delete these pre-installed software, ad blocking in the system, which are yes need root privileges.

Sony allowed to unload most Android 6.0 pre-installed applications

In addition, in recent years, Google has quietly for Android attitude changes may be due to many third-party ROM increasingly uncontrolled development, Google tried to slowly take back control of the system, so that these folk ROM development team obeyed orders. Therefore, Google Android 5.1 from the start to shut down the root more than 100 known vulnerabilities, but before Google of these vulnerabilities are an eye, close one eye attitude.

Of course, Google is also doing another single later in order to improve security of the system, because of frequent system vulnerability is also very embarrassing. At the end of March this year, Google has fixed a number CVE-2015-1805 Linux kernel vulnerabilities are, this is a high risk can get ROOT privileges Bug. (Related reading: Andrews exposed serious flaws)

Apple users and Android users of different needs, as well as Apple, Google and mobile phone manufacturers attitude towards different systems, will inevitably lead to different results, the result is more and more iOS users do not need to escape, while Android users are more and more need root privileges a.

Even on Android phones more and more difficult to Root, but just to be always present, even if the phone manufacturers stonewalled, Andrews faithful machine still failing does not scratch even thrives, because who do not want their phones uncontrolled bomb advertising, everyone wants to (have a right) to become the real masters of the phone.
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