Tuesday, August 16, 2016

iOS9 jailbreak widget Kairos: can regularly send SMS / iMessage

iOS9 jailbreak widget Kairos: can regularly send SMS / iMessage

SMS feature in recent years has been a public social networking applications impact a great potential in the cold, but for some business people and loyal customers or iMessage service, Apple's messaging services still have a lot of fans. However, iOS native application information seems to lack a user-friendly features, it is time to send.
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  To remedy this problem, the developer Kairos developed this plugin . Kairos can make your information (or iMessage) regularly sent out, this is a big practical function often across time zones for exchange of business people.

  After installing this plugin, feature regularly sent information will be built into the application, after you finish editing the text, click on the Send button and press the input box to the right, there will be time to send setup options and switching service button (Select send SMS or iMessage).

  Click delayed sending you can choose the date and the time required to send the timing, if you suddenly do not want time to send this message, then click on the top of the "Send Now" will allow you to send out this message immediately. It is worth mentioning that, at the top left and right of this screen is actually two hidden buttons, the left button is canceled, and the right button is confirmed. Select a date and time to send good on the right button, you can send regular piece of information.

  Now back to the information screen, you will find information about the application will appear at the top of a folder icon style, click to enter can find all the information to be sent.

  If you are interested in this useful plug-ins, you may wish to BigBoss source download for $ 0.99.
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