Sunday, August 14, 2016

iOS10 "unreliable" Depth Custom Control Center plug-in update

iOS10 "unreliable" Depth Custom Control Center plug-in update

  If you are the iOS jailbreak users, you may have heard CC QuickPro this widget , this widget is not a newcomer to the jailbreak community, but recently it ushered in the update. The updated version allows users to control center to customize the appearance of the device, and also added some new features.
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  With CC QuickPro, you can now add a new set of switches, you can change the appearance of the button in the toolbar and add new applications , and even change the animation.

  If you do not like the default background Control Center, you can also change the RGB or is it to change the background transparency. Now you can add 15 additional switches as the control center, coupled with the existence of the default switch your control center will become the "Universal", you can add the switch comprises a position switch, cellular data, ring tones, and other hot spots and VPN.

  In addition to the Control Center plug-in also added a series of gestures, these gestures can make you quit the application or is locked device. Of course, the usual rarely used a section, you can hide them so that the control center will become more concise.

  In addition, the top of the control center can also add some new shortcut gestures when you pulled further up the Control Center, you can lock the iPhone , you can double-click to enter the application switching interface. If you are interested in this widget, you may wish to download Cydia for $ 2.99.
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