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iOS10 Sike expression package iOS9.3.3 most popular jailbreak

iOS10 Sike expression package iOS9.3.3 most popular jailbreak

August 3 major events: Apple iOS10 seems lump sum on the face, but really who care! Or iOS9.3.3 escape more fun! Apple yesterday and today were introduced iOS10 beta4 developers and iOS10 beta3 beta test version, but except for some innovation, the main attraction is still inseparable from the emoji expression package. It is now the official release iOS10 little time left, and evidently Apple would not be a big move, By comparison, iOS9.3.3 jailbreak should be the most sensible choice.

Apple released Li iOS10 beta4 bring 100 expression
Again! Apple did not let us wait long, this morning, Apple pushes iOS10 Beta4, as usual, iOS10 Beta4 mainly to fix some Bug, at the same time, the version of the system will also bring some new adjustments for us and small features, including 100 new emoji expression, new air center start page, and so on.

Basically, Apple's iOS operating system, several recent update will bring some changes to emoji, deletions or additions portion expression, but for domestic users who will have to fight diagram, these expressions too much too dull, it is not enough express our strong feelings and emotions. After all, iOS10 expression package so tangled, it is better to point the actual useful features. If you can not think, but also to escape iOS9.3.3 plug-in to steal the division.

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iPhone7 the game! Samsung Note7 real machine diagram Tour United States spent
In addition to powerful hardware features, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 also beautiful. Compared Note5, Note7 screen higher proportion (up 80.94%), narrower (narrowed 2.2 mm), more visual impact. 2 g body weight decreased, an increase of 0.3 mm thickness of 7.9 mm, color is a highlight. Note7 available in black, silver, gold, blue four values ​​style, including new blue coral is particularly remarkable, Sao energetically.

Samsung Note7 achieve the legendary long-iris recognition, but taking into account the proportion of domestic high myopia, it only seemed Shazhao inconsiderate. Furthermore, in addition to the appearance on Samsung Note7 fully inherited the good genes S7 in the configuration is almost no upgrade is still Snapdragon 820, Exynos 8890 configuration. It seems to be rolling apples iPhone7, you have to rely on face value.

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iOS10 public beta version and the latest update on line
After Apple yesterday released the fourth beta developer iOS10 and macOS Sierra's, and now the public beta. Message, and macOS Sierra iOS10 third public beta in Beijing early this morning on the line. As usual, the latest one day before the public beta and developer versions no different, iOS10 Beta version number is 14A5322e, macOS Sierra Beta version is 16A270f.

Some users expressed, iOS10 beta3 public beta obvious than the previous version runs faster, relatively speaking, the beta iOS10 will be some stability and compatibility issues, is not recommended as the main system, but be sure before upgrading make a backup. In addition, the existing fleet of iOS9.3.3 can escape system for the operating system, the user is not recommended to upgrade jailbreak iOS10.

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Meizu PRO5 / 6 is not normal Caton Typhoon Nida pot back
No. 4 this year, Typhoon Nida will visit Guangzhou, many business schools have arranged a vacation, Meizu also decided to August 2 full home office, which also developed Flyme system caused some impact. Firstly, scheduled for release tomorrow Flyme Beta firmware, because programmers at home, lack of equipment and network support, follow-up tests can not be completed and released, will be delayed release, and other after typhoon before continuing.

Meizu really feel a sad reminder of the factory, in October 2015 due to typhoon Meizu PRO5 shipments; February 2016, suppliers by Taiwan earthquake, Meizu PRO5 mini directly canceled. Of course, this was the feedback Meizu PRO5 / 6 Caton is not normal, just to the super typhoon Nida. I do not know kind of weather, or God do the United States, in short, almost all natural disasters Meizu catch up.

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