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iOS10 new feature is like incense still hard to escape contact iOS9.3.3

iOS10 new feature is like incense still hard to escape contact iOS9.3.3

June 30 big events: possession of a little deep, iOS10 of WiFi security alert is indeed a little surprise, but still can not withstand the user iOS9.3.3 escape desire. Apple today to developers push the iOS9.3.3 beta4, which means that the official version is not far off. In contrast, if possible, iOS9.3.3 jailbreak attractive than upgrading iOS10 to be a large number.

iOS9.3.3 beta4 Developer Edition release

Apple today released a developer preview version iOS9.3.3 and beta Beta4, about a week away from Beta3, iOS9.3.3 from May 23 began already during the test. iOS9.3.3 Beta4 no new features added, should be mainly bug fixes and performance improvements, it is estimated that the official version is coming soon. In addition Apple today also pushes tvOS9.2.2 beta4 and OS X 10.11.6 beta4.

Not surprisingly, then, iOS10 official version will push this year in September, but before that we will welcome iOS9.3.3 the official version, but today, iOS9.3.3 beta4 arrival means that the official version is not far off. Given iOS10 really weak, so relatively speaking, if possible, iOS9.3.3 jailbreak attractive than upgrading iOS10 of much larger, more playability only, against Apple's mandatory upgrade with real action.
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Note2 millet millet configuration price of the most expensive and then exposed

June 19, Lin Bin, president of millet home to attend the opening ceremony in Qingdao millet had said that the second half will launch one or two high-performance, high-end phones with subversive. Now look at the situation from the exposure, which is a millet 5S, namely millet upgraded version 5; another is really big kill, millet Note2. Coincide with the previous industry analysts @ Pan Jiutang broke the news.

January 2015, millet intent through new product line Note millet reached the high-end market, but due to various problems Xiaolong 810 and heat capacity, leading to the phone became thoroughly PPT machine, final listing price It did not do so reached more than 3,000 yuan, but millet did not give up. Note unfinished mission millet, millet Note2 pattern can bounce it? Doubtful.
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Apple Watch Out New universal strap strap

In the past few weeks, some of the Apple Watch users noticed a lot of Apple Watch strap is marked as "sold out", which involves a lot out of stock strap style, size and color. Apple had already made it clear that the company has released a new plan to strap in each quarter, which means that Apple will become a strap fashion items, in a new quarter, Apple Watch users will usher in a new strap .

WWDC2016 Apple Developers Conference did not release a new strap, it is contrary to the media and the user accidentally. On March this year, Apple's spring conference, Apple Apple Watch big price cuts, to promote sales of Apple Watch is expected, however, the strap did not cut prices. Apple Watch price after allegedly brought sales of the band, so that Apple almost count the money a few hand cramps, so unexpected!
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See swine teammate Samsung Note7 third party protective sleeve exposure

Samsung GALAXY Note7 conference away from us getting closer, and a variety of news about the machine on the network is so hot. After another leak-related specifications and configuration information, and now the mobile phone protective sleeve manufacturers Olixar Added Samsung GALAXY Note7 variety of protective cover, and confirmed that this new machine really uses curved screen design, while the stylus is located in the traditional position .

Samsung Samsung S7 Edge brings turnaround is great if Samsung Note7 continue to perform well, back to the world's first smart phone manufacturers throne almost within reach. As a close ally of one of the mobile phone manufacturers, third-party accessory manufacturers are often the first leak "pig teammates." But having said that, while confidentiality, broke the news again, can do all the free publicity. Such Samsung Note7 you like it?
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Even at ease! iOS10 beta1 new WiFi security alerts

Apple iOS10 beta1 has been released for a long time, in addition to the new features Apple on WWDC2016 presentation, it was found that the continuous release of new features hidden, today foreign friends found iOS10 beta1 improvements in WiFi security. Specifically, when a user connects to a personal WiFi hotspot, the system advises the user to configure the router to WPA2 Personal security type.

Unsafe free WiFi smart phone users has become a big worry, however, in the face of free WiFi unknown safety bow party who still can not refuse, but if you really can identify iOS10 WiFi security, this feature is simply too much like a wood there! Of course, I want WiFi then iOS9 assistant is enough pit. However, the more popular this year is a pseudo base station identification, Android platform has realized many manufacturers, such as millet MIUI8.
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