Sunday, August 14, 2016

iOS10 jailbreak jailbreak widget worrying iOS10 reference 10 features

iOS10 jailbreak jailbreak widget worrying iOS10 reference 10 features

Although Apple does not support iOS devices jailbreak , but on the one hand they escape from the plug for inspiration, and then added to latest iOS system, it has been done many times before, then this iOS10 and what function draws jailbreak plug it?
iOS10 jailbreak jailbreak widget worrying iOS10 reference function .jpg 10
Foreign friends summed up iOS10 reference jailbreak plug 10 functions, which in terms of design or function are related to the corresponding plug-jailbreak, of course, can not say that Apple copied directly to these functions, it is believed that many have received some inspiration, At the same time Apple will indeed they "carried forward" compared with a lot of features jailbreak widget made more stable, more powerful, the user is short, it is a good thing.

Here is iOS10 draw jailbreak widget 10 major functions:

1, iOS10 control center switch color design --CREAM plug (this is actually the Apple Apple Watch has been introduced)
2, iOS10 Control Center overall functional design --Auxo Legacy Edition + Roundification widget
3, iOS10 control center support 3D Touch - QuickCenter widget
4, iOS10 card-message notification center widget design --NotificationCards
5, iOS10 Notification Center sense of pressure to clear all notifications --3D Touch to Clear Notifications widget
6, iOS10 new notification widget --3D Touch Notifications widget
7, iOS10 raising his wake-up function --FaceOff or FaceDown widget
8, iOS10 camera application before and after switching the camera button position --CamSwitchDown widget
9, iOS10 personal delivery receipt functionality --Selective Reading widget
10, iOS10 night mode --Nightmode clock applications or plug-ins Eclipse 3
11, iOS10 hide preinstalled apps --AppHide widget

:( Video plug left and right iOS10)

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