Sunday, August 14, 2016

iOS10 escape into a unique power iPhone7 to bounce!

iOS10 escape into a unique power iPhone7 to bounce!

June 23 big events: If iOS10 jailbreak , then there is still a need to upgrade. Of course, the current evaluation of iOS10 overseas media point of view, there is no bright spots, even the legendary supported the deletion of pre-installed software is a cop on the case, if it is forced to upgrade, it will be the only escape iOS10 attract users upgrade the power.

iPhone jailbreak not necessary? Look iOS10 have learned how much function jailbreak

Since Apple released eight days before the iOS10 Developer Edition, online emerge some remarks said that many functions much like Anroid system, such remarks strange, in fact, Apple did not need to refer to the enemy camp features directly from their own escape Get the Cydia plug on the rear, there are thousands of features can refer to learn.

Great God who through the most recent version of Android 7.0 and iOS10 beta testing experience, have commented, there has been relatively opinion is that these two operating systems are basically in a mutual spike tooth pick, while almost all of the fine tradition of their own He did not keep. Of course, in addition to the Android platform to steal the division outside, but also directly to the jailbreak community iOS10 draw a lot of features that do not escape the need for a iOS10 evidence it?
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5 lesson millet millet 5S will be crazy stocking

Some time ago, Lei Jun replace Zhou Guangping millet phone to become head of the supply chain, the reason for this adjustment, it should be with Lin Bin broke the news about before, that out of reasons to sell less millet Q1 least 600 8,000,000 mobile phones. After millet phone Lei Jun at the helm of the supply chain, in addition to strengthening research and development, there is a re-sort the industrial chain, and such adjustments to start showing results.

I do not know underestimated millet sales 5, or overestimated millet production capacity 5, in short, known to completely get rid of the negative impact of hunger marketing millet 5, thoroughly redefined the "spot" meaning allegedly seriously affected the production capacity millet sales 5. Finally angry Lei Jun, millet phone personally in charge of the supply chain, production soared, the effect is immediate. It is also in millet 5 at a disadvantage, stocking next millet 5S flagship should not be too worries.
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Japanese media: iPhone7 consistent size and shape are different 6

Allegedly, Apple's upcoming new iPhone will be released in September to give up the title iPhone7, because this product is just iPhone6 ​​/ 6s small revision, can not afford to support a generation leap forward for the title. Now, the Japanese news media MacOtakara given that exactly iPhone7 body size and iPhone6s, but both will be some differences in appearance, such as the former IOUs antenna is moved to the bottom of the upper and lower body.

There is no research at Apple abandon iPhone7 factual basis in the year, it is worth noting that Samsung's net transfer to all-out confrontation iPhone7 and renamed the new flagship Note7, skip the Note6. Regardless of the authenticity of how, in September Apple will release a so-called iPhone6s small revision, in appearance and iPhone6s will be different, after all, Apple probably did not want the poor continue to spread haze iPhone6s sales go on.
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Kuangsong Meizu charm Blue Metal college entrance examination scores of 613 students are to lead

The first day of college entrance examination in 2016, announced the Meizu phone, as long as the college entrance examination in 2016 achieved 613 points, you can receive a free Blue Charm mobile phone. With the college entrance examination scores and scores gradually released, charm blue phone official microblogging today reiterated this news. Blue Charm phone official micro-Bo, just as long as the 2016 college entrance examination score is 613 points, it is possible to get a free Charm Blue Metal.

From June 22, the national college entrance examination results would be released one after another, almost all businesses are targeting this opportunity and want from a slice, Meizu also like to take this opportunity to promote a 613 is not only a very good college entrance examination scores, but Meizu charm blue 3S day conference, to be sent is the Meizu charm blue Metal blue 3S rather than charm, still a little sincerity. For a long time, the mobile phone industry, has just finished college entrance examination, these students about to enter college who is Friends of the eyes of a cash cow.
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Apple did not admit to iOS10 kernel encryption: intentional!

Apple on June 13 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) posted on the iOS10 preview. Apple was an initiative to make information security researcher rather surprised: the operating system kernel is not encrypted. Recently, Apple spokeswoman confirmed the Company has not iOS10 kernel encryption, but the move was deliberate. Apple spokesman said: kernel cache does not contain any user information, does not affect information security.

According to Apple spokesman, in order to iOS10 system performance optimization, it does not have to iOS10 kernel encryption As for the upcoming year in September pushed iOS10 official version of the kernel whether encryption is not yet known. However, the immediate apparent that, in addition to optimize system performance, the hackers can also take advantage of now grasp iOS10 jailbreak vulnerability. iOS10 jailbreak seems promising, wait!
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