Saturday, August 13, 2016

iOS jailbreak party patriarch laugh hand: can not wait to develop their own

iOS jailbreak party patriarch laugh hand: can not wait to develop their own

Whether at home or abroad, reaching the party's reputation is very good.

  We have recently seen a jailbreak released tool from the national team Pangu, the tool can only be compatible with iOS 9.1. It is because now, the major apple've always had people praying in the early arrival of the new jailbreak tool, some people even went directly to ask for a new tool in the end when the jailbreak developers publish social account. Perhaps it is because too many similar incidents looked, there was a jailbreak iOS veterans sit still, his hand on the social platform for those who responded to the party.

  Founded jailbreak team Chronicdevteam of Will Strafach today on Twitter, said: I would like to ask those who have been in the jailbreak tool released when people say, know when I was waiting for the iPhone Dev tool for the Team waited impatiently time is how to do ? Founded Chronicdevteam. Perhaps now there are a lot of people do not remember the team, when the national team, it is called the "poison green", there is such a celebrity P0sixNinja within the team.

  Will Strafach mentioned iPhone Dev Team is "muscular" Musclenerd member of the team, said domestic law is "Xue team." Chronicdevteam and iPhone Dev Team have been disbanded in 2013.

  Recent jailbreak tool is released from the national team, either Pangu or Tai Chi. Had reported earlier this month, Pangu team has hosted a security summit, the team at the meeting demonstrated the jailbreak of iOS 10 achievements. According to the participants revealed that Pangu has released iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak tool intention, but there is no exact release date. Pangu according to style, they are generally released before the tool is no predicted.

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