Saturday, August 13, 2016

How To Find Out Who Delete You of Friendship Facebook

How To Find Out Who Delete You of Friendship Facebook

Nowadays, social media is very important to share information, exchange news to fellow friends and colleagues, even to know where you are. In addition, the presence of social media , you can keep in touch with old friends even though it is rarely met in real life.

One of social media 's most celebrated today is Facebook . Yes, with the presence of Facebook and several innovations made ​​by the Facebook team itself, until now social media is still widely used. However, not a few people who may be friends with you lazy and want to end the friendship on Facebook. Therefore, through this article, Jaka give way to know who deleted you from friends on Facebook.

How To Find Out Who Delete You of Friendship Facebook

Keep in mind, to find out who deleted you from the friendship on Facebook, you need a medium in the form of a PC or laptop to implement it. Then, you need to follow the steps below. Carefully note yes.

Go to the website and download Google Chrome Extension that is in the red column of the site.

Add extension Who Deleted Me on Google Chrome you!

Click the extension Who Deleted Me on Google Chrome, and will be detected your friends in Facebook.

Once completed, the extension will tell how many of your friends on Facebook.

If at any time there is someone who remove friendship with you on Facebook, then there will be a notification either through the extension in the upper right corner, or on your own Facebook account.

When you open it via your Facebook account, it will display information such as "You've lost one friend" and then click on Let's Go See Who

Furthermore, Who Deleted Me will show you who deleted you from Facebook friendship.

How, I know who deleted the Facebook friend who is not? So, now you know anyone who remove you from your Facebook friend so that you can ask your friend why she cut off you are from Facebook . What might he sick or unwell immediately after seeing you on Facebook, hehehe. Share your opinion in the comments below ya.
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