Monday, August 15, 2016

Cydia source address how to back up? Try iOS9 jailbreak widget CSources2

Cydia source address how to back up? Try iOS9 jailbreak widget CSources2

CSources2 to increase third-party source for jailbreak users is particularly useful because it allows users to manage and backup your third-party source, you can even turn off these sources and does not need to completely remove.
Cydia source address how to back up?  Try iOS9 jailbreak widget CSources2.jpg
Especially for those users who add a lot of third-party sources, CSources2 particularly useful. Install this plug-in , the main screen will appear in a application icon. Run the icon you can see a new interface, it is clear that design is not one of the selling point of this plug-in, the simple interface can be seen.

In this application, you can click on the upper left corner "" to add a new source, roughly the same as in the method and Cydia. After adding the source, the source will appear in the list of sources.

Each source has its own switch button once to make any changes, click the Apply button in the upper left corner to make Cydia update also followed.

Users can also click to add additional source of information, where you can insert a comment, the source of some description. It is worth mentioning is that here you can also back up your source to iCloud, or let iTunes backup source included in the inside. The lower right corner of the "i" icon may not be so obvious, but it allows you to manage backup and recovery.

If you want to make it easier to manage third-party source, you may wish to download the source BigBoss, currently priced at $ 1.99. And it has supported the following iOS9 escape system, the system does not support iOS9.1 and above.
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