Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Blue Charm E / red rice Pro how the election?

Blue Charm E / red rice Pro how the election?

Millet and Meizu invariably in the low-end brand development effort, and are beginning to go up, regardless of configuration or prices are almost equal to the traditional high-end models.
Red rice millet come up with is Pro, going from 1499 yuan, the highest is reached 1999 yuan. Blue Charm Meizu responded to E, but only went to 1299 yuan.

So, in the end which one would it? @ Digital Zhike produced a graphical front compared two models, I believe we will have read the answer.

Somewhat similar design, are integrated metal body, with the injection of nano antenna, but red rice Pro using a metal wire drawing process, E is the charm blue anodized.

The screen, both of which are 5.5-inch 1080p, but red rice Pro spend OLED, E is blue charm or LCD.

A wide selection of red rice Pro 3 / 4GB of memory, 32/64 / 128GB storage, with MediaTek X20 / X25 10 core processor, charm blue E only offers the lowest combination of 3GB + 32GB (Some can be extended) The processor is only eight-core MediaTek P10.

Charm Blue E 3100mAh battery capacity is also small, but supports up 18WK fast charge, but red rice Pro has the latest USB Type-C interface.

Red Rice Pro is equipped with a 1300 + 500-megapixel dual rear camera , but Meizu think dual camera too costly, less useful, still adhere to a single camera, and a rear red rice Pro main camera are the same as 1300 megapixel Sony IMX258.

Fingerprint identification is pre-push, but the charm blue E iconic mTouch function, and support Alipay , micro-channel pay.

Charm Blue E YunOS Flyme operating system equipped with a unique highlight is the remote control can be smart car, red rice Pro is MIUI . 8.

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