Sunday, August 14, 2016

awesome! Pangu confirm iOS9.3.3 / iOS10 Beta1 successful escape

awesome! Pangu confirm iOS9.3.3 / iOS10 Beta1 successful escape

After Apple iOS9.1, we have four months to see no escape team news, although at this time we see a lot of foreign social media geeks demonstrate some iPhone jailbreak, but can real confirmation has not yet appeared, ultimately depends on domestic jailbreak team effort.

A few days ago, held in MOSEC mobile security technology summit, the domestic iOS jailbreak team presented their iOS10 Pangu jailbreak results. From the picture we can see the Cydia tool has been successfully run on iOS10 Beta, but did not disclose more news Pangu.

After the meeting, a core member of the security team Pangu OGC557 acknowledges the message in an interview and said iOS9.3.3 currently escape has also been completed.
awesome!  Pangu confirm iOS9.3.3 iOS10 Beta1 successful escape .jpg
▲ Pangu team members show in jailbreak iOS10 iPhone6 ​​line phone operation

Pangu team remarks from which we can see that, although foreign iOS jailbreak team considered difficult, but for them, "because technology has exceeded our own, so the feeling is not so difficult"; iOS9.3.3 and iOS10 Beta1 jailbreak used vulnerabilities, Apple's new version of iOS10 were sealing off some of these vulnerabilities. For example, our vulnerabilities until you are ready, there is a sandbox for the escape, the security mechanism 9.3.3 of this loophole to work, and to not take on iOS10.

In addition, the Pangu team also said that at present they have mastered two perfect escape vulnerabilities, if Apple plugging loopholes now, we can use another set of loopholes to escape.

Published on, Pangu team although not explicitly stated, but from now to iOS10 official release time is running out, Pangu team in order to prevent Apple iOS vulnerabilities are blocked, the possibility of release after iPhone7 published widely. Pangu team, said: "We have no pressure, because the opponent does not look optimistic of progress, so we'll wait and see."

Chinese team again miracles.
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