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There has been some debate about when to take creatine, but taking creatine before you can work out more good than later. This is because creatine remains in Bode € ™ s system of about 1 and a half hours. So, creatine supplements for about an hour before you work out will give you the maximum benefits. This is because creatine would work their way into your muscles for an hour, so it is ready to be used for the conversion of adenosine diphosphate (ADP) to adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy to keep your workouts going longer.

If you are thinking about taking creatine for the first time, you may come across a term called € € œloadingâ is the process in which you upload to creatine supplement during the first 5-7 days, to make sure that your muscles are completely saturated with creatine.

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But you really need to load creatine supplements?

It depends on how fast you want your results by loading it means that your Bodya € ™ s ability to use creatine increases, it gives fast results. However, over longer periods of time there is no difference between those who uploaded and Hasna € ™ t. This is because the body can only contain a certain amount of creatine in the system at any given time. If the body has an excess of creatine from an overdose, or even through the load, the body gets rid of it just after excretion.

Are there ways to improve the effects of taking creatine?

There are several ways to enhance its effectiveness When should I take creatine?in the body, one easy way to take a supplement with a certain group of products containing a high glycemic index (GI) level example Weetabix and corn flakes have high levels of GI. This enhances the effect of increasing the secretion of insulin which helps creatine transport into the muscle.

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