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Most people use one of two types of computer printers: inkjet or laser. While inkjet printers are usually less expensive up front, and have less expensive ink cartridges, they can not offer the durability and clear print you'll get with a laser machine. Originally developed in the late 1960s, these printers come a long way, and they will keep on providing efficient, high-quality prints.

laser printer works by projecting an image on the page he intends to print on a rotating drum. This drum is particularly selenium, or a photoconductive coating that attracts particles of laser toner for charging with electricity. The toner cartridge is stored in the laser, and rolled directly onto a sheet of paper. The printer then applies heat to melt the toner, which is made of a special type of plastic to the sheet. Once the print dries, it is waterproof and resists abrasion.

The first laser printer was invented by Harry Starkweather from Xerox in 1969, and the first network version appeared in 1971. By 1975, IBM invented the first commercial printer, the device size of the room is called the Model 3800. This printer has been used only for printing a large volume of documents as invoicing, and it was not available to the average consumer.

Office printers came onto the scene in 1981 with the Xerox Star 8010. This printer was very expensive, and most people have never seen a laser engraving, while the first HP LaserJet has not appeared in 1984 cost $ LaserJet 3500 and had a problem with high-resolution graphics, but he used a conventional toner cartridge, and worked as a modern laser printer. This device was much more than a printer on your desk today, however.

With the advent of the consumer printer and laser toner and printers are much cheaper. In fact, almost every house and commercial office there. Similar technology is used in photocopiers, in some models, offering both the copier and printer functions. There is a healthy market in third-party accessories, too. You can select a toner cartridge for laser manufactured by the same company that makes your printer cartridge recovered from this company or third-party toner Catridge at a reduced rate. Some people even refill your own cartridge, which can be a dirty and dangerous, but retains more.The invention of laser printers

If you've never bothered to think about your laser printer, take a moment to understand it. In this age of easy, clear, attractive prints, it's hard to remember a time when we had to enter everything in the manual car
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