Sunday, July 17, 2016



Using penis enlargement exercises to enlarge your penis is very safe and effective method. On the contrary, there are other popular methods that you should avoid:

* Tablets: they never effectiveness has been proven. Tablets are not regulated by the FDA, so that they may contain harmful ingredients. * Surgery: it is very expensive and can cause deformation, scars and loss of sensation. Surgery should be your last option. * Pumps: Vacuum pumps can only give you harder erections, but can not help you add any inches. Their results are disappearing fast, and you run the risk of injury.

As you can see, most of the methods are dangerous or ineffective.

The best solution: Penis Enlargement Exercises

These exercises, also known as jelqs, can help you increase the size of 2 inches less than 30 days, without endangering their health.

How to Jelq: wrap your manhood with a warm towel for a few minutes. Grease (butter) a child and get yourself into a state of semi-erect. Use your index finger and thumb to form an "OK" sign. Starting from the bottom, move towards the head. Change your hand and repeat. You must avoid the issue Penis Enlargement Exercises - to increase the size 2-3 olneniya this exercise with a full erection. Jelq causes blood from base to tip, and increases the erectile tissue, resulting in size growth. Each session should last about 10 minutes and you have to repeat this 4-5 times a week. You will see the first results in 2 weeks. Most men get about 2 inches in less than a month.

In line with the robust increase of male leadership is very important if you want to find out the correct way to perform the Jelq.

For best results, exercise should be combined with the use of penis stretchers. This wonderful device can help you see a big difference in the length and girth, in a very short period of time. The idea of ??a stretcher or traction device is rooted from the orthopedics devices which can lengthen the legs and arms, without doing any damage.
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