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Opening of the opinion that it would work very well in the area did not have a little process. With a simple twist his arm, astronauts will be exposed to hours of filtered sunlight and temperatures above 100Ã⠀ šÃ,  ° C. And on the floor of the moon itself, the conditions are even tougher with the pace of 160Ã⠀ šÃ,  ° below zero to 120Ã⠀ šÃ,  ° C above.

 Oh! NASA ordered two Omegas and two of the other five hours to be checked and evaluated. Watch a minor charge around eight bucks. (Not a lousy proposal). There was a lot of difficult test battery that all the clocks ended up subjected to, but also among the most difficult as a result of: Forty 8 hours at a temperature of 160Ã⠀ šÃ,  ° F to 200Ã⠀ šÃ,  ° F. Exposure to heat, as a minimum 0Ã⠀ šÃ,  ° F. Intensive changes in strain and moisture. The impact of one particular hundred percent oxygen.

 Omega smartest thing for the positive. The company carries out its cards effectively. Even in this global financial crisis, the Asian market now receive up to luxury goods such as watches. Thus, existing this new collection, with a woman rising Ziyi, in the homeland, it is appropriate for the money. Omega even opened a new boutique in Shanghai.

 I am sure that they are counting on flood fill buyers. To entice potential customers, Omega possible probability for one lucky winner to purchase the manufacturer's new look at the selection of Constellation 2009, which comes in a box autographed by Zhang. Omega has a wide appeal.

 Offering two men's and women's watches, their watches can be worn to do the job and perform. Given that it was founded in 1848 Omega watch began and remained one of the most well-recognized and respected brands on the right to look to the ground. Covering 6 40 G shocks. Accelerating from 1 to more than 7 g only about 5 minutes.Extreme decompression.

 Excessive vibration. Exposure to noise in the frequency range from forty to 10,000 Hz. After all this, the Omega watch was just to get a passing grade on a curve known excess of NASA. Thus, Omega Speedmaster was the only watch that NASA approved for all manned space missions. She was officially recognized for readability, reliability, ease of use and accuracy. Today's Speedmaster Qualified constructed of stainless steel with stainless steel bracelet, "crystal" Hesalite and black dial.

 It has a 1861 caliber with manual winding movement and is water resistant up to 1 hundred feet.There countless achievements Omega watch has hardened over its existence, but their relationship with NASA, perhaps the most significant. To have the honor of astronauts racing to enjoy your field is all that Omega proud. This kind of coverage that can and do help in getting Omega results.It all began in 1957, when NASA supplied each Apolloastronauts typical Omega Speedmaster Specialist manual wind wristwatch. Regardless of getting almost all of the tools created specifically for use in NASA or in the room, the Omega watch was not at the astronauts.
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