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It is easy to find knock-off's designer handbags on the market today, much to the chagrin of authentic designer handbag. These knock-offs strive to capitalize on the popularity of designer handbags are sold on street corners, black markets, and various other illegal avenues all for the love of money.

 There are also legitimate copies of designer bags made by producers who wish to also capitalize on the popularity of handbags and make a buck, but do it at the expense of no one. They simply offer their clients a reasonable facsimile of a designer bag at an affordable price. They do not claim to sell something that is not true.

These manufacturers have worked hard up her purse to make it look like the real handbag designer bags, and designers have worked equally hard to distinguish your bags from the copy cats. It makes happy designers but leaves the handbag customers in the sea, trying to separate truth from fiction, when they go on their hunt for a designer bag to call their own.

chances are good, though, if you know what you are looking for, you can get your hands on an authentic designer handbag.

1. First of all, look at the skin of a genuine bag. The skin is really expensive bags will be of the highest quality. This means that there will be a soft, smooth and supple. Knock-off handbags will use leather of lower quality, which is tough and scaly and often patched.

2. Another detail to see this line. Sew on authentic designer bag is almost always the same color. The seams and edges are bent toward each other by a straight line of the seam together. Bags that are not genuine leather often have overlapping and sometimes have a free end sewn in the shoulder straps on the bag.

If you are not sure of the skin to the outside of the bag, take a look at the lining on the interior. Pseudo bag will have a basic print or a simple lining fabric. Designer bag will have a designer's name printed on the lining.

High-end manufacturers of bags and take it one step stamping all rivets and metal fixtures on the bag with their brand name to reflect the impostors. To illustrate, on Prada "R" bags stalk always somewhat awry, never quite right. If you are looking for a Prada bag with the line "d" stamped on the rivets or metal fittings, it is not the real thing. Moving to the next handbag seller.

Finally, many designer handbags which provide registration cards with each bag they sell a bag to differentiate you from forgery. How do you find authentic designer bagsSome, including holograms on their registration cards. Registration number on the card must match the serial number, located somewhere on the bag. Some designers stamping inside his bag with the registration number, and other sewing or riveting number in a metal or bronze plate. When buying a designer handbag, make sure you do your homework to find out), where the designer usually puts his seal, and b) that the press and information in your wallet correspond to the information provided by the developer.
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