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Freemake Music Box , Play back audio files stored on your PC or listen to much music online for free

Freemake Music Box , Play back audio files stored on your PC or listen to much music online for free

Freemake Music Box , Play back audio files stored on your PC or listen to much music online for free

Such supporters welcome a new addition to the reproductive program called  Freemake Music Box in the newest version in July 2016, as well as giving us the function of music tracks to add our software we can create playlists and organize them at will and is more also gives us the ability to have access to listen to online music spotifiy style but completely free and legal with a library of more than 40 million songs and has a search engine to find what you want, the software is very light in only eighteen full for meg  download  in several languages ​​including Spanish, you can see all the information in the publication from  characteristics, description and pictures of Freemake Music Box

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Program Description

Freemake Music Box is a compact Windows utility built to help you search for music online, listen to audio files in a clean and intuitive environment, and create playlists. During the installation process you are asked to make file associations. The program supports the following file formats: AAC, AIFF, APE, FLAC, M4A, MP3, MPC, OGG, SPX, WAV, WMA, and others.
It has a simple design that gives users the ability to search a new song by simply typing in the title of the song or band name. What's more, the application offers possible suggestions.
Freemake Music Box allows you to add audio files from your computer using the built-in search function, so you can not rely on the "drag and drop" support and create a playlist with your favorite items. The playlist may include songs from the music database online.
What's more, it allows you to play, pause or stop the current audio selection, mix or repeat songs, go to the previous or next track, adjust volume and seek a position in the audio stream.
During our tests we noticed that the application performs a task quickly and accurately throughout the entire process. Emphasis is placed on the CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer may be overloaded.
Finally, with Freemake Music Box comes packed with limited help you listen to music online features, so you can not download the audio files and save them on your computer for offline viewing.
A music player and streaming audio universal one. This jukebox plays, find and play your favorite songs in real time. More than 42 million audio tracks in the library! Absolutely free and legal.


Music Search Powerful: 

• Search for a song of the exact music you want to enjoy. No matter what you put in search, Freemake Music Box will deliver the best results.
Universal Music Tool:
• Freemake Music Box removes the need to think where and how to get free music on the Internet. Search, filter, organize and listen to all your favorite free music in one place.
Lists creation:
• Create and save playlists for your music collections. Change the order of songs in a playlist. Freemake Music Box keeps playlists intact for later listening.
Inbuit music player:
• Loop, pause, stop, fastForward an audio track. integrated player gives you more control over playback of songs.
Filtration music:
. • Filter all results by album, artist, song title
Music Legal Only:
• indexes Freemake Music Box music that has been published legally on the Internet, so it will not get in trouble.
New in version (15 June 2016):
Added support for Drag and Drop

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