Sunday, July 17, 2016

First, it is love.. You should understand love.

First, it is love.. You should understand love.

   If people love to use. Known to love Love makes us happy,

       love, joy and life. And it will create suffering together. Well, before you start loving. Know and understand in love before. You'll love the refreshing painless sad love  one. Dream often does not
exist , you may be suffering with waiting people dream. Or even if you should make sure that he did not create the  second. A conscious and deliberate person. Then carefully , do not rush to decide

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  3. Do not waste time with people who reject you when they do not, we do not bother him at all  four. Starting a relationship with yourself  5. Do not know who decided After you celibate or they just single because that may just be seeing Bill  6. Sex too soon Love may end sooner than expected      7. Do not change yourself or to change his mind on that before long he would behave like the original    eight. Love is the story of two people who should adapt well. Do you love each lasting      nine. If you do not fight each other. The cast even Lavigne Even escalate      10. Finally, you should be in love is to love yourself first. You can not choose something that will hurt yourself.

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