Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Firefox Aurora v49.0a2 - 64 bits Download

Firefox Aurora  v49.0a2 - 64 bits

Firefox Aurora  v49.0a2 - 64 bits Download

Be the first to try the new features coming in Firefox

Detailed analysis

This is a version of the popular free web browser open source Mozilla Firefox. As will the news today, Firefox is distributed in 3 states of development: final version, beta version (without the finishing touches) and the Aurora version, the most unstable of all, recommended to those who want to test or who simply can not wait. that if there may be failures and is something to consider. However , you can be the first to try what will come in the next version of the browser, and so anticipate the future. It is best if you find a bug or incompatibility the communicate developers , because the main function of Aurora is that together build the Firefox browser. This action is very easy, as there is an icon and a menu available especially for ello.Si you are curious and do not mind suffer such discomfort with Firefox Aurora will have frequent updates . Animate and keep an eye on the latest security enhancements, additions and innovations with HTML5.

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