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Synopsis The Great Gatsby is the content of the story is not different from the general TV fiction film Forbidden Love moral validity. But the core essence of the story is that the hero's GATS down the role of the man who sacrificed love. He did everything he loved her just to have the opportunity to attend a party once in a luxurious mansion he built it for her perseverance Lee Leonardo. Leo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio maintain the standard of his performances consistently. The role theorized that high but the deep background of life is not a bed of roses. But the remarkable performances of the scenes he will meet with daisy former

lover is not met five years DiCaprio expression and expression eyes modality such as a young child just fell in love with it. first time Li stood until symptoms arise I do not know where to stand. You need to do something that made ​​people laugh the whole plant with symptoms boggle shy J. Grant's crumbling Carey Mulligan, while Carey Mulligan, who plays Daisy worship Canaan woman. young family of the great love with GATS lobby but decided to marry Tom worship Nancy (Joel Edgerton), after she received a letter from the GATS lobby to let her know he was. still, she did not come back on after the war ended. Mulligan is an actress who is available

 to many more. Despite this, it was also well done. Despite being a bright halo of adidas Caprica's eclipsed some of the scenes she had to sip it. GATS flattened again in the five years that that's really a chance for her to show the ability to show others on the background incidence of car crash at the end of the story, but Lurhmann did not allow her to express how much. the Toby Maguire, a prominent story not to mention it is Toby Maguire, who plays Nick Carradine Wayne writers neighbors GATS crumbling Nick is. walking important He is the narrator of the film to us (see) Tobey Maguire is not well just shoot webs and climb buildings only. But he is a good friend. Beloved (?) And I care Barbie's astounding. Especially at the beginning of Nick began to crumble with the GATS known. The relationship of the two characters nudged gland Y of the engine's pileup. I can not help thinking that

 Nick Carradine Wayne Hoy me gay! The story of the movie until the end. If you look straight Nick's father is no interest to him. Turn a blind eye on Jordan Baker (Elizabeth A. debut Hockey), who himself had a date with another payload. But in the final scene GATS lobby no one left then returned with Nick Carradine Wayne ready to do anything to protect him, Elisa Beth debut Ricky really, leather Lurhmann we do not need. to worry too much attention to the story, but (maybe) because of a challenge than it is. How his

 presentation more Whether it is building as the art scene in the scene being projected as magnificent dream. The owner of the mansion's Hornsby's artistic elite. The answer to that I just love the film's less specificity. Dad must be bountiful this 3D !! Although the end of the love story is a sad tragedy. It enables us to see through the darkness of the human mind with a putty

 foreground costume bloodstock. The nobility false Immoral story in The Great Gatsby will not occur. If characters A female driver in the event this is not clinging to the fact that the phrase would be like. "Women - like people - love the bad guys - dressed with rich," If you ever do a big job creation and is projected in the performances of actors like Lurhmann row with award-winning craft. And like all things pretty-pretty creative with the music The Great Gatsby is ready to meet your needs !!

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