Saturday, June 25, 2016



There has long been a dead end when it comes to trade between Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) and the European Union (EU) and the discussion on how to solve this problem, taking place eight years ago, it is not surprising that all the parties in 2002, seeks return some momentum.

 Problems arose around the strict standards of the EU of goods originating in Africa, as well as some issues related to the export tax, and while there is still work to be done to solve these problems, if an agreement is reached Zambia can really benefit from their export things like meat and honey.

And it will not be easy to Zambia, the benefits, trade relations and, consequently, with international shipping to other countries and continents is really important if we want to create a global community and the world that is more equal and balanced in terms of the economy and living standards.

While the delivery of services for trade can be used to send food, liquids, medicines and the like, sending parcels to Zambia Zambia via courier services can not be used for these things, but instead can be useful for sending educational and sports equipment, for example. Many charities do a great job for the whole of Africa, and you can always help out at home, sending things that you take for granted, things like textbooks, reading materials, etc., and as trade ties are growing, and exports will increase by 25 percent, the gap between the UK and ESA will be narrowed.

Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) are the circuit to cancel the unfair apparently preferential trade arrangements put in place in the EU, which is said to be inconsistent with World Trade Organization rules on international trade. BOT specially installed to protect the CPSU (African, Caribbean and Pacific group of States) of which part of Zambia and the current talks aim to speed up the possibility of increasing trade with Europe and, therefore, increases the need for specialized couriers Zambia.

With the expansion of trade, will also instances of people in the UK Setting in the African country of business and moving there, and this will mean more and more areas in Zambia, having those things that foreigners miss when they leave the house. As trade links grow, so will the globalization, and so will the demand for efficient, rapid and reliable delivery of parcels and Zambia shipping companies around the world are already beginning to see this happen, and increases the range of services and making sure that price ever competitive.

If you know someone who lives in an APC, and you need to send a parcel to Zambia,
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