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Yelagiri is a well-known slope in the area of ​​Vellore Tamil Nadu, India. It is located on the street Vaniyanbaddi- Tirupattur. City Yelagiri decorated with the most beautiful gardens, courtyards and increased natural broad valleys.

 The city has recently been developed as a rest area, especially for vacationers amazing, who can assess paragliding and growth. Yelagiri ride is also a wonderful and extremely enjoyable. As a suburb of Yelagiri features 15 different farms and temples, or Wats apply to some of the most beautiful hills. Located in the amount of 40 million and eight steps above the sea level, it is very well known to travelers.

 The best point in Yelagiri Swamimalai slope and travelers can appreciate a wonderful perspective on high. Smaller mountains as Javadi and Palamati hills also provide excellent travel through a solid set in the jungle.

Yelagiri is perfect for the two-day weekend holiday and offers excellent action, which can be easily tested for a little holiday. Punganoor man-made pond is very well known location.

 The river is also adorned by a beautiful site. It is very close to the middle band, so that the majority of holidaymakers simply wish to move to the pond, and then evaluate a trip boat or just walk across the lawn. Readers, of course, it is forbidden to eat in the building and a small fee must be purchased for the front and trips. Going fans as well as more trips to Swamimalai which is highest in the mountains. This, however, can be easily moved along the muddy direction, which starts from the pond.

It is about three miles long and provides a beautiful and charming sight along the entire journey. Ten or twenty yards away is Murugan Koil, which creates another wonderful and beautiful trip. Murugan eyebrows also place importance on checking Murugan Koil. On the way up the mountain, you can also pay a visit to the telescope at home, where the whole city can be considered.

 However, on top of hills, similar perspective can be seen even from the exposed surface. People who check in May, and in May can also appreciate the summer months of competition with the local life and history. This huge powers under the appearance of the music reveals and social programs. Jalagamparai which falls in the range of 30 miles from Yelagiri this value to see how he creates for a good trip and a nice area of ​​food.
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