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Bihar lies in the eastern part of India. This is the twelfth largest state in terms of geographical size, has 98 940 square kilometers and is the third largest in population. It is located in the mid-way between West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. He is confined to Nepal and Jharkhand around him. Patna is the capital.

 The official languages ​​are Hindi and Urdu, while locals say angika Bhojpuri Magadhi and other native languages. Ancient Bihar was a center of culture, knowledge and learning. Mythology says that the goddess Sita Princess Bihar, and it also says that the Holy Valmiki also come from this rich state. Later, Gautham Prince attained enlightenment and became the Buddha, now Bodh- Guy. Many primitive kingdoms such as Magadha, the Maurya and Licchavis began their dynasty here. Fairs and festivals here, as you know, here.

Tourism in Bihar is rich, because there are many places of learning and many rulers who have created their empire here. This unique balance of culture and civilization. The capital has a refined architectural landmarks. Moreover, Har Mandir is an important place of pilgrimage for Sikhs close to the Golden Temple, Amritsar. Nalanda is a great tourist destination in the state of Bihar. Nalanda University was the epitome of learning in earlier times. Architectural remains show us how this majestic structure with high walls and massive gates. There are many other attractions here. Bodhgaya rightly famous Bodhi tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment. Another picturesque town is Vaishali, a wall with mango, banana and other slots. He is revered as it finds its mention in the Ramayana. Are other attractions Bihar Grand highway across northern India.

Bihar is famous for its magnificent monuments, famous places of pilgrimage and beauty. Festivals and traditions are steeped in the bill. The famous festival being, Chatth Puja, which is held twice a year and Kosi Mahotsav and Rajgir Mahotsav are others who have created the effect of a tradition of flower colors. Bihar Tourism Development Corporation has taken many initiatives to show the potential of many areas in Bihar. This is the place of the old excavation.

From the exotic nature reserves in historical monuments, Bihar conceals all. Some of the most revered pilgrimage in India is also located in the state of Bihar. Spiritual greatness of the state takes place in the form of many churches,
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