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West Bengal is a state located in the eastern part of the Indian. The lively city of Kolkata is the state of the investment fund. Various regional landscape projects west side of Bengal makes an interesting resting place.

 This narrow southern India and the exercise of the Himalayas in the north to the Bay of Bengal in the appeals resting South.West Bengal for many people from all over Indian and abroad. Different plants and fauns, gorgeous beautiful and peaceful island tilt channels to appeal to a variety of vacationers every year.

 Tourists can also appreciate the typical galleries and monuments which characterize the west side affluent lifestyle and history of Bengal, especially the north-eastern time. West Bengal side vacationer market in its early stages, but due to the increase of tourists the government is developing the western side of the Bengali market vacationer.

State investment financing Calcutta liked to have a good rest, because it gives you a lot. The city is like the north-east era and its districts, galleries, buildings and typical monuments paying honor to this beautiful and wonderful era.

 Funeral Victoria should check out. Darjeeling Himalayan slope place and appeals to many tourists. It is famous for its beautiful slopes covered in miles and miles of tea farms. Darjeeling Himalayan Train World History Site by UNESCO. Darjeeling is great for traveling and camping. The slope of the city is beautiful and the practice of traveling through the magnificent mountain slopes interesting. A well-known practice of Darjeeling is one of the few water motor teaches that still work.

 The nearby town of Kalingpong well known place for travel and inclination of the place fans. Darjeeling is also part of the zoo-geographical location of the eastern Himalayas. Vegetation around Darjeeling include the SAL, oak, semi-evergreen and down the jungle as well as a variety of fruit orchards.

 Darjeeling is also known for its numerous and unusual variety of orchids. Lloyd's Organic Garden holds common and uncommon types of vegetation, while the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological playground is aimed at reducing vulnerabilities and reproduction of Himalayan species. Wildlife in Darjeeling includes several species of wading birds, teals, plovers and gulls that pass Darjeeling, moving in and out of Tibet, the animals found in the region are linked Civets, mongooses and badgers.

Tourists can also check out the nearby Jaldapara Creatures Haven, which includes semi-evergreen jungle and SAL. Being found here are related to the one-horned rhinoceros, among other unusual wild animals.Durgapur is a very well-planned and well-known city of the west side of Bengal. Damodar flows through the city and contributes to its beautiful appeal.

 Destinations in Durgapur Durgapur involve assault, Kumarmangalam exposition and many yards and regions. Durgapur Barrage is located across the Damodar stream and provides travelers with stunning views of the magnificent landscape of the city structures. Kumarmangalam area with man-made ponds and small hills very well with the tourists in the city.

the beautiful city of West Bengal party Travel and Leisure à¢ à ¢ â € ¢, ¬ šÂ¬Ã Siliguri is a perfect balance of the market and the nature. His appeals to the grandeur of different travelers. Tourists come to enjoy the wonderful and beautiful big deal about the city. They also get the chance to enjoy some very good buys, especially in Hong Kong market, where foreign goods are sold at reasonable prices.
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