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We have already mentioned the subject at the beginning of the page, but we will go. We said of course the expansion is more effective. What for? Knowing the principle seems obvious, but for those who do not know, short anatomical explanation is needed:

the penis is composed of three cylinders anatomically "parallel" spongy tissue surrounded by a thick membrane. Cylindrical housing in the lower part of the penis is called sponge. The urethra (the tube through which urine and semen) extends over the entire length of the penis to achieve a tip head (urinary opening) and located within the urethra, and dividing it into two side sponge bulb-muscle (bottom) and sexual lamp member (top ).

When the penis is erect, a spongy body, acquires a certain notoriety, than the impression that the urethra has been overestimated. The function of this muscle to protect the urethra during erection, preventing it blocked the pressure of the corpus cavernosum and allowing it to serve as a viable channel for ejaculation. The remaining two cylinders, respectively called the corpora cavernosa, are located contiguously on the spongy body. Read more our site

three cylinders of spongy tissue and irregular fibrillar. Who gives this regard are the internal cavities (which are many penis enlargement sites improperly called "cells" on the basis of hasty translation of the term "cell"), where it joins the blood during an erection.

cavernous does not end at the point of combination of the penis with the pubis, but still on the inside forming a branching path is firmly embedded in the pubic arch. The head (the type of sexual lamp long term), entirely composed of spongy bodies, particularly rich in nerve endings sensitive to touch. These end in other parts of the penis, but the most common in the penis head and immediately adjacent areas. The penis is finally covered with a layer of skin sliding, in the immediate vicinity of the head of the penis foreskin is called.

penis Enlargement

There are several ways to enlarge the penis, and all is not well. The program is presented on this site is primarily based on a natural method and tested principles of traditional and popular to use and results. The natural method of penis enlargement is undoubtedly the most effective because it allows more reliable results without side effects.

the penis of the body, it is easier to increase, because they simply between flaccid and erect state, is made to increase. In fact, only through erection, blood flow to the corpus cavernosum makes the increase up to 4 times its baseline. The spongy cavernous buildings and consist of multiple cavities, the purpose of which is to maintain the blood during an erection. Natural expansion principle is therefore to apply stress to the natural ability of these cavities contains blood.

Some studies have shown sexuality until the penis is not a sexually more aesthetic than the vagina, and that a big penis excites indiscriminately.

Case penis size has nothing to do with women's satisfaction does not take into account the psychological factor, the delegation of sex in the purely physical, and reproductive function. But the reality is that most women penis is "more beautiful" physically and sexually more exciting. It also allows a greater number of sexual positions. As there is no problem recognizing that the penis is permanent and legitimate concern of the majority of men and a big dick is definitely better.

well as that of penis enlargement obtained by natural methods is also visible in the rest, therefore, also through the pants.
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