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The voice of the automotive supply industry, a senior media across the automotive industry. 2011, the HC strong support of Hangzhou Municipal Government and E-Commerce Association of China, carried out in Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Centre on 7-9 December 2011 the movement can be described as from the automotive supply industry exhibition HC expectations.  

Precise positioning of the exhibition, 550-800 Selection of participants and professional audience of 30,000 people, and to build a huge "Green Alliance region, the area of ​​?? foreign trade enterprises and e-commerce in car accessories wave. Competed for participation in industry is concerned about when HC" online and offline interactive exhibition "an old friend of many years of cooperation with the National Assembly, with the understanding and trust firmly believe on the HC, China (Hangzhou) car Accessories Fair will be an exhibition of automotive supplies," dark horse. "  

The first 2011 China (Hangzhou) Car Accessories Fair upcoming December 7-9, 2011 in Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Centre will organize in  

Chinese service auto two leaders in Guangzhou touted Car Industrial Co., Ltd., Paul Lee Chi Chemical Co., Ltd., and if two dragon entrenched in the southern China. Main products: Car DVD-player, car DVD, with good quality . two companies focus on service beauty product business, manufacturing and RD opportunities and channels to expand the ability to withstand market experience, and now the "advertised", "Paul gave Lee two car maintenance, the brand is not only well-known brand in the green industry pioneer beginning of the year as industry car accessories, "Green alliance" first business initiative to participate in the solemn oath. Their development is not no longer in the stage of product quality development as the core competitiveness through this Hangzhou automotive supplies exhibition "Green future dream Black Horse Automotive supplies exhibition and" theme, to play a leading its influence and development of the green industry, while deep plowing in green cultural heritage of the brand.  

Express steam in the new century the United States JB exclusive distributor in China, "JB" from 92 years to enter the Chinese, is the first to enter the Chinese automobile additive products. Express steam in the new century around the automotive OEM, supporting their professional areas and services in the automobile factory to provide consumers with quality products and services at the same time, to create a new marketing model: Trading Mode. Deepening mode brand, or expansion market in 2011, Hangzhou Car Accessories Fair, JB, interesting! Since 1996 to enter the automotive market, "Viagra solid, long-term commitment Automobile film high-end market has reached 15 years, the window for the car after the field of the market has a unique perspective on the insulating film market is also mature experience in operations, marketing enterprises in the Chinese auto market after a significant force and experience in the operation market. at the same time WELGO automotive supplies in the first initiative of green alliance, one of the management goals of green yet exhaustive, every appearance is bound to be the center of attention, how to run a professional exhibition of automotive supplies to show their charm green 2011 Hangzhou Car accessories Fair WELGO witness.  
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