Saturday, June 25, 2016



North Africa presents many opportunities for British companies to extend the scope of its activities, with Syria among the countries with the greatest potential.

The strength of the country are benefiting from a number of factors, which include a stable political environment - President Assad celebrated the tenth anniversary of his coming to power in 2010, and the previous president, his father ruled the country for 39 years.

The latest available data show that the UK exports to Syria were worth £ 147.1million in 2009, which represents a healthy balance of trade balance in favor of the UK.

Large-scale reforms and investments affect many aspects of life in Syria, a country's education system, and the construction and life sciences industry is considered as a specific priority.

Across the country, a major new construction projects were accepted, from hospitals to shopping malls. The country was one of the minority benefit from the economic recession of 2009, and foreign investors are looking at risk mitigation for investments in the Gulf region. As a result, large groups of workers who were previously deployed there were moved to work on projects in Syria.

One consequence of this influx of foreign workers has been increasing demand for fast and efficient services of express delivery. Many people who have friends and relatives who work on large projects in Syria apply to courier companies to send packages of items that are not available in Damascus or elsewhere in the country.

While the journey to Syria not long, the nature of much of the investment made in the country means that the workers have long-term contracts to assist in a number of major ongoing projects. This means that regular communication from the house, and the arrival of a package containing a comfortable looking forward.

Friends and family will always be grateful for such supplies, and sending them through the parcel delivery companies with established track record, such as FedEx, UPS and DHL will ensure that they enjoy a smooth journey. From the collection from your home or business at a time in the day to meet you A prosperous and stable Syria growing market for express deliverythrough a long journey before its final arrival at your destination, your site will be in good hands.

You can follow the progress of your parcel via the Internet, saving the recipient of its activities, using tracking technology to send your courier, so that they can be ready to receive it. If necessary, the signature may even be prepared for you to confirm the safe arrival and a copy emailed to you for your records.

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