Tuesday, May 31, 2016



From the elimination of harmful bacteria in the body in the prevention of serious chronic diseases, alkaline foods and a healthy pH balance it was revered as a panacea in modern Western culture. While the benefits of the use of alkaline foods to maintain a healthy pH balance may not be fully understood, there is certainly enough anecdotal (and scientific) evidence, to make an important topic.

Even susceptibility to cancer and fibromyalgia may be increased by unhealthy pH balance. Direct links to these diseases may have yet to be determined, but for those who suffer from the symptoms, the relief is hope enough to generate interest in a variety of alternatives. One possibility is to search for alkaline foods that help the body maintain a healthy pH balance.

The most important factor in the acidification of body fluids and tissues, just the fact that most people do not consume enough of alkaline foods. Instead, the western diet largely focused on acidic products such as animal protein, wheat flour, sugar and artificial ingredients.

Unlike alkaline foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, highly processed foods, meat, sugar and fuel source for are uninvited intruders in the body, such as yeast and bacteria. These enemies feed on sugar and protein eaten. As a result, they release a lot of toxins, which are acid forming. This means the body has to make unnatural adjustments in order to maintain the pH balance, resulting in internal systems, to fight for the state of alkali that is required for overall health and wellness. Food is not only the basis for the imperfect balance pH, however. The overabundance of stress can contribute to the release of toxins, too. Chemical pollution may also be charged for improper pH balance of many bodies in the modern society.

Choosing more alkaline foods, the body has the necessary tools to maintain a healthy pH balance. Commercial products of acid alkaline foods gives the body a chance to act in a much more natural state. Unwanted organisms, such as fungi, bacteria, and yeast can not survive in an alkaline environment. The same is true for many disorders. When they are not able to be fixed on the survival, they are less likely to cause deterioration of the body.

Some of these diseases and disorders are thought to be associated with acidification blood, tissues and organ systems:
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