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cataract cataract eye that can affect vision little or a lot, depending on its severity. It is believed that only the normal effects of aging, cataract affects mostly older adults, although family history or a congenital condition may put young people at risk as well.

 Your lifestyle often changes dramatically, if you develop a cataract, you may not be able to read books or watch TV, your driving ability may be impaired at the time that it is not safe anymore, and you can deal with annoying ghosting or light sensitivity. It is not surprising that many people with cataracts choose refractive cataract surgery.

About refractive cataract surgery

Cataract surgery has been around for quite a while, and some things have not changed - like the fact that there is no way to remove a cataract from the lens without removing the lens itself. So during any cataract surgery, the patient's natural lens is replaced with a new, clear lens. Refractive Cataract Surgery, however, is relatively new, and its goal is a little more aggressive: to remove a cataract, as well as improving the patient's general vision. The end result is that many people who need glasses or contact before the operation may be able to throw them later, thanks to a new generation of intraocular lenses (IOL).

Selecting IOL

There are several versions of IOL available to patients today:

â € ¢ Crystalens is unique because it is attached directly to the ciliary muscle, which allows the eye muscles to move the lens. These IOLs to move naturally with your eyes, to give you a clear view of the objects at all distances. The â € ¢ Restor lenses contain zones in concentric circles, which allow the eyes to see the image clearly and near and far. The â € ¢ the Tecnis, as the ReSTOR It has several concentric rings for distance viewing. It is also collapsible, it allows the surgeon to insert it through a small incision.

Your surgeon will go to the pros and cons of each IOL and help you decide what is appropriate for your anatomy and lifestyle.

Additional advantages of index cataract surgery

Removing cloudiness associated with cataracts, of course, the main goal of cataract surgery. But with today's IOL refractive cataract surgery can also help with myopia and hyperopia, as well as the following conditions are met:

â € ¢ presbyopia. This condition is affecting everyone, starting in middle age, making it hard to focus on objects up close. All lenses above, especially the Crystalens, offer treatment of presbyopia. The â € ¢ Astigmatism.
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