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The heat began not so much on the outside, but in the field of digital entertainment. After all, before the end of the month will be released a number of games that a moderate consumption of them would be enough for the summer, when the industry will break the paralysis vacations and holidays. There is something to be reserved for future use: back to life the legendary shooter from id Software, Naughty Dog again sent Drake to distant lands, of Blizzard encroached on the laurels of Team Fortress 2, and unfinished Homefront: The Revolution tells how North Korea invaded the United States.


Platform: the PC, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release Date: May 3

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We have lied, saying that Gearbox is good from either side: it is enough to recall the Duke Nukem Forever, and an even greater absurdity Aliens: Colonial Marines. But what exactly studio staff ate a dog falls asleep pudom salt, so it's cooperative shooters - the success of Borderlands proof. No spraying inspiration, developers have come up of MOBA-action sci-fi setting.

25 fighters from five factions fight for a place here under the Solus, the latest star in the universe. Following the example of Destiny and The Division, multiplayer matches are preceded Battleborn story campaign, where, in particular, it is possible to procure equipment for PvP. Then, already fully prepared, the players find out who is who and whose team is balanced.

upcoming game release dates

Shadow Complex Remastered

Platform: the PC, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release Date: May 3

Since 2009, when Shadow Complex tore roofs Xbox 360 owners, much water has flowed. But Epic Games management believes that over time, a militant in 2,5D no power in December last year remaster was released on the PC, and now made it to the consoles. What is it good for? Firstly, this is the dynamic side-scroller in the style of Metroid, Flashback and Deadlight, where plenty of enemies, secrets and detours, and the world is like a maze in the slice. Secondly, despite their age, the game keeps the bar in terms of graphics and control.

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However, the story does not indulge novelty: Jason Fleming took the girl for a walk in the mountains, Marseille, in Washington state, but a companion of the hero stole. Finding Claire Jason clambered local caves and found that they are hidden under a ridge in the complex of bunkers laboratories. And then - yes Run shoot: by soldiers in the Nanosuit, robots, cameras tracking turrets. To sustain this hell Fleming helps armor, making it stronger and faster - than not a classic?


Platform: the PC

Release Date: May 9

Strategy of Paradox is as enormous as it is meticulous. For example, in Crusader Kings 2 you can learn the details of biographies of the real lords of the Middle Ages, as well as the principles on which these people lived in conflict and went to the other world. More surprising that Stellaris effect, a new product of the Swedish studio set in the future, the two separated by hundreds of years of our time.

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Although there are enough common points of the genre, including the generated galaxy of diplomats with tentacles instead of eyebrows and planets, from which need minerals, Paradox usually takes not this. A study of events and actors. So, without fanfare and hype in the press, the master of the genre invite us to the space opera. This ticket?

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Platform: the PlayStation 4

Release Date: May 10

Uncharted - the main adventure series for consoles from Sony. So, in his quarter of the millions of gamers love in absentia. Especially in A Thief's End developers Naughty Dog are going to put an end to the adventures of Nathan Drake, a kind of Indiana Jones game world, with the voice of Nolan North and Nathan Fillion appearance. But naturally kill the hero or metaphorically, passing the epic to the archive, the first to recognize owners of the PlayStation 4.

upcoming video game releases

In the story, Nathan settled down and platted with Elena Fisher family nest. However, with the advent of Sam Drake, who was considered dead, heroes embarked on a new adventure - search for pirate treasure on Madagascar, which was once the base of the pirates. The scope of the action became clear after a chase movie, shown at E3 in 2015. However, and without trickery in the narrow streets it is clear that it is full of shootings, puzzles, a change of scenery and such a dizzying trick, however boast not every Hollywood blockbuster.


Platform: the PC, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release Date: May 13

The shooter returned by the efforts of id Software to life, regardless of its quality and how it justifies the hope many will buy. At least out of a sense of nostalgia. So the question is not whether or not to be. The intrigue here is another: Is time John Carmack exchanged studio, where he became a rock star and a programming guru to VR-technology study team Oculus? Because actually people working on restarting of DOOM, not related to the composition that has transformed the world of entertainment, culture and genre. Therefore, the trust loan is granted unless the four letters of the title, vivisection, crimson rivers yes shotgun from the House of weights and measures.

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But the reason for doubt is sufficient. The plot is still stuck on between Mars and hell daredevil, who with the help of hands, feet, and all kinds of weapons of monsters processes for stuffing. Multiplayer, according to the open beta test, too, without revelation. Finally, there are many high-quality long-term construction you could call? That's it. However, it is also of DOOM, the hell, the great and terrible! Who said that the king is naked?

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

Platform: the PlayStation 4

Release Date: May 17

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Those who are familiar with the original Valkyria Chronicles for the PlayStation 3, he must have already decided on the purchase. The rest is, at least, pay attention to this RPG with tactical battles. Imagine manga Kawainui where boys and girls are heard by the fate of Europe's alternative to war in the late 30-ies of XX century. There is no connection with what we know about the Second World War: instead of the known countries - Gallia, Imperial Alliance and the Atlantic Federation, rifle side by side with a truly gigantic swords, schoolgirl militia own superpower ... But questions of morality, duty and honor here raised are the same - forever . Because the «war never changes», as, indeed, and the imagination of Japanese developers that even from the point of absurdity can create something very logical and emotional. "Draw" style graphics, like cartoons Hayao Miyazaki, and Hitoshi Sakimoto symphony also run on the general atmosphere.

Shadow of the Beast

Platform: the PlayStation 4

Release Date: May 17

The regiment arrived remakes: Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs and Sony have given a second chance platformer with Amiga, which was released for the first time in the wild in 1989. Developers have altered almost everything in it, except for the appearance of the Beast, which is worn on the fantasy world, gutting counter on orders Maletota magician. The latter is the basis of entertainment Shadow of the Beast - is simply some kind of carnival in the butcher shop. The limbs are separated from the body, the head flying into the bushes, and the blood does not drip from the screen.

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But not a single dismemberment: in addition to timely strike pressing the button, it is necessary to accurately jump on the platforms and avoid traps. A typing enough mana can run inside the remake of the original game - it is here on an Easter egg rights.

Homefront: The Revolution

Platform: the PC, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release Date: May 20

Finally, the company Deep Silver has brought to us the echo of the deceased in a Bose THQ. Just restart DOOM, Homefront: The Revolution marinated for years in the design, and then it still rebuilt from scratch. As they say in such cases, the shooter with a complex fate.

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However, the raw data are of interest. Then you and neizbity story about the unification of the two Koreas, which because of its superior technology bend under him the world, taking in the sweet US. And the open world with a sound mind, to match events entourage. And the partisans in all fields: climb right through the head of the resistance Ethan Brady can not, but on the situation with explosives and uses toy cars on the remote control. Deposits have intriguing shooter, but not to write off the disappointment of the original Homefront 2011. Swing was then on the ruble, but his shot on the penny. Therefore, for the final conclusions of The Revolution is better to wait for the release and critical reaction.


Platform: the PC, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release Date: May 24

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At that neither Blizzard release - event. Because brooms studio does not bind: if they wanted to, you will not remember any of its product quality is below average. And then there's the new IP - command shooter where players controlled characters fight in the format of "6x6". Despite the common points with Team Fortress 2 (especially in specialized characters), to compare both the action properly - at least because of the Overwatch want money, and TF2 Valve distributes free. But do not forget who is in charge of development. Even in beta blizzardovsky perfectionism made itself felt: among the 21 character and no pair of similar maps thought the conscience, and the devil is in the details digs.

Total War: Warhammer

Platform: the PC

Release Date: May 24

Unbelievable but true: in May, two adept strategies studio without saying a word, replaced the historic setting on fiction. Talking about the already mentioned Stellaris from Paradox and Total War: Warhammer from Creative Assembly. No experience of Sid Meier's Civilization affected. Of course, long been a TW repeated - the return to Japan, then to Rome, but these remakes even at a stretch can not be called cancer bezrybe. So what about any creative crisis is not out of the question. Just the developers have taken a new course. Moreover, the strategy in the Warhammer universe is planned as a trilogy, linked by a common storyline and card.

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On assurances of screenwriter Tom Hall, this will result in the biggest release of the show for all the time of its existence. On massive and epic battles and can not speak.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan

Platform: the PC, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Release Date: May 24

First, about the pleasant. The development of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan involved PlatinumGames, also responsible for Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and wrote the script for the action Tom Valtts known comic book about Ninja-Turtles from IDW Publishing.

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On the other hand, on the conscience of the same developer - Transformers: Devastation, where a very pleasant except that the soundtrack. Whatever it was, in the genre of beat 'em up in May, there is just as convincing analogues, if there is any at all. Yes, and revive old does not hurt: the action promises to be just as difficult as it is nostalgic. Leonardo with a katana, with Michelangelo's nunchaku - "we do not mind insects, shell wear as a shirt."

Dead Island: Definitive Collection

Platform: the PC, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release Date: May 31

Also Dying Light, Active Polish studio Techland have another zombie blobaster that month-end re-released for the current generation of consoles.

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The structure of the publication is original, independent addition Riptide and stylized 16-bit brouler Retro Revenge. Best gift to fans of hack and cut the walking dead you can imagine, because Dead Island put emphasis on melee and gun thereof for each is free to collect himself. For example, of the stick nails and electrical tape. And then, it is necessary something to do while waiting for the second part?
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