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Hello everybody! In this article, I decided to write a little about migraine and symptoms of some of the best for them. Many people are a little confused about the migraines. They wonder what is the difference between a regular headaches and migraines. It is clear that there is so much confusion between them. However, in this article, I hope to clarify the differences. With that, here is my list of the top 5 symptoms of migraine.

1. Severe pain

Currently, the most common symptom of migraine. If you have severe pain in the head, such as throbbing or pounding pain, it can definitely be a sign of migraine.

2. Pain Feelings

How did you light in the room? Are you okay with the presence of light on? If you have a migraine, you'll often very sensitive to light. You can insist that the lights stay with the sounds rejected, etc. Some people even have problems with some of the smells of their migraine. If you are dealing with your feelings, it may also be a sign of migraine.

3. Nausea

Are you sick? Your stomach pain? You feel like you're going to tear? When you have a headache, you can just deal with your head hurt. However, migraine, it can affect your body. Feeling like you want to quit or even throwing it a clear sign of a migraine.

4. Vertigo

Another indication of migraine dizziness. If you feel dizzy or your vision is blurred, it is another sign of a migraine, very hard in this. It would be a good idea to go to the doctor if you feel dizzy.

5. Fatigue

Finally, the last top migraine symptom is fatigue. Often with migraine, in addition to everything else, you just feel exhausted Top 5 migraine symptomsand feel the need to relax. This is certainly a good idea, so you do not make the headache worse.

With that, I hope this list has helped you understand a little better the difference between a simple headache and migraine full. If you have frequent migraines, it may be better to go to the doctor.
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