Sunday, May 29, 2016



Memory Mauger Tips to improve your memoryt be increased by practicing some simple techniques.

If you have difficulty in remembering certain things that you need to follow it in order to increase your storage capacity. Here are some tips to help you load your memory: the â € ¢ If you want to remember something, find a way to make the image of the thing. Images easily stored. You can also try to convert the thing something funny, so you remember it very well.

 The â € ¢ Make a list of things you want to remember. This makes the memory available for storage in accordance with their priority. The â € ¢ Good sleep is also very important to increase your memory capacity. Thus, you must take care that you get enough sleep a day.

 The brain uses sleep time to add up to the latest information on the long-term memory. The â € ¢ It is always easy to break a long list of numbers and alphabets into small portions to it is easy to remember. The â € ¢ Revision is very important to remember the long text.

 You may remember something very carefully, when reviewing it continuously. Repeated training will make your brain remember the text better. The â € ¢ In the study many things at the same time, be sure to take short breaks in between. This helps in refreshing your brain and makes you more attentive after recess. The â € ¢ Keep away from stress and tension. Meditation and yoga can help you get relief from stress and tension.

 The â € ¢ Focus only one task at a time. Multitasking will reduce the amount of memory and performance. Memory Mauger t be increased by practicing some simple techniques.
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