Thursday, May 19, 2016



An analysis of narratives of teachers on their understanding of the research showed that 4 out of 18 teachers described the study as a professional activity development.

For example, I go to the British Council regularly and read the latest issue of E LT magazines. I attend seminars, sponsored by publishers. Teachers present research on various topics.

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Some other teachers (5 of 18) equated research with statistics or moth does not like math when I was a student, so I'm not sure about the study. This number and statistics, and it is impossible to understand. Research term that scares me. I know that it is useful, but I can not cope with all the trials and figures, etc. By the way, I have not seen a teacher of English, who told me about the research S / he did.

For some teachers research note addressing governance issues in the classroom: We have students in the class that "entertaining himself by watching and judging the teacher," as they are watching TV at home, in this case, may be, the study could help me, but I do not 'know how to find this study.

As can be seen, in the general statement of teachers showed his awareness of the usefulness of the research, as well as their fear and lack of knowledge about the process. Analysis of teachers magazines showed the teacher came and ways to solve various problems in their classrooms.

The research process, especially the collection of their data seemed to be a positive influence on the prospects for teachers to research: After conducting research myself, I think I can say about my class or my students more reliable, because I have my own data, that I have gathered from the questionnaire and observations in the classroom.

The role of the researcher was "strange" to some teachers, as they thought, the researcher will do more "complex" and "complicated" research; Nevertheless, they still seemed to benefit from this role: To me, the most impressive aspect of the study was that combined the two roles in one: the role of the teacher, who knows the real atmosphere in the classroom, and the role of the researcher, who offers theory teaching and learning.

Many teachers noted that "research has led to increased feelings of professionalism", and special attention was paid to how the study raised awareness to their own teaching practice: In the classroom, I watched some students had difficulty in understanding the expectations of teachers. They just sat and looked at the teacher with empty eyes, and when she began her work, these students could not do anything.

I realized that when you give instructions for the work you are doing for the first time, you should pay special attention to slow learners.

Reflecting on their data recommended several teachers to initiate change in their teaching practice: Today I interviewed 9 students during a lunch break.

I told them that I wanted to find out their opinion. They do not like the theme and activities in our package. I realized that I have to find more interesting topics for them .... I copied two articles on Turkey's membership The initial idea of ​​the researchin the EU from the «Daily News» for all students, and we had a quiet reading. After going over the key words, they did groups and began to discuss the article with access to articles and keywords. It really went much better.

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