Sunday, May 29, 2016



Reports and studies keep pouring in, and itâ € ™ s bad news for those of us who love our everyday technology.

 Doctors and audiologists around the world have reported an increasing number of teenagers with hearing loss, as well as the growth of people in the age of twelve developing hearing problems. A new study published in the American Medical Association Journal, suggests that hearing loss has increased by almost a third of young people between the ages of twelve and nineteen with the 1980a € ™ s and the 1990A € ™ s.

 For a few years, experts kept their eyes (and ears) on gadgets like mp3-players and their possible links with this increase in hearing loss and warning people before they rush to buy the latest music players and electronic gadgets for the holiday season.

But itâ € ™ S not only our right earphones that cause us harm. Life is much noisier than it was before. Jobs, loud music, concerts, festivals, technology, transport, aircraft â € "it now seems more difficult than ever to escape the noise and chaos of everyday life of the day, and the problem can affect a younger age group than previously thought.

 Experts a recent press conference in San Diego, raised new problems around the toys, aimed at young children and toddlers, and children are especially vulnerable to noise-induced hearing loss. their ear canal less and short arms means that they can not keep loud toys their ears, so parents are urged to avoid toys and electronic games, which emit noise at hazardous levels. Noisy kitchen appliances have also been reported as a potential threat to the childrenâ € ™ with the hearing, and people can use sound-absorbing elements such as rubber mats under their technology as an extra precaution.

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