Tuesday, May 24, 2016



This step combines medical science and technology to develop a new regime, a sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing with the help of mobile phones. This step is to encourage more people to test STD and prevent the disease, which is said to cause more deaths worldwide.

It was incorporated in the UK in order to curb the growing number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases among the younger generation. Cell phones and computers are a popular means of communication, so it is better to use it to its fullest. New technology is being developed cost more than $ 6000000, where people could try them for it with a mobile, computer chip and a saliva or urine sample.

The process is simple. People who are suspected of having any STD symptom will keep saliva or urine on the chip for testing. Computer or phone will check a sample for many sexually transmitted infections through nanotechnology and micro-jet and the result is available at the moment. Itâ € ™ S just like a pregnancy test done at home. Even if someone tests positive, he / she will receive information about the treatment. Often people, especially young people shy away from going to the doctor and is tested, so this test is useful for them.

This new test developed STDs as a cheap and widely available solutions that can be administered in particular through a conventional mobile telephone. The process involves peeing or spitting on a specially designed computer chip, and then connect it to your phone for a detailed analysis of the software.

The fact that these cases in steadily increasing in recent Britain several years. The number of cases was 482 696 in 2009 and the schedule is an upward trend. So itâ € ™ s essential that the intelligent and innovative methods used to prevent disease and reduce the number of occurrence. Most people in this generation, particularly young people under 25 years of age are tech savvy, so this age group should be targeted.
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