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thrombus (akathrombosis) can be formed in a blood vessel and cause it to be blocked, blood flow interruption in the organ or other part of the body and cause serious illness. If the thrombus breaks away from the wall of the blood vessel, it becomes an embolus in which the clot to move freely, and it can stop the blood flow to a smaller vessel elsewhere in the body.

Blood Clot Symptoms will depend on the area of ​​a blood clot. Right here Quick start guide:

If the clot is in the lungs, severe pain can develop on the side of the chest and upper body, and the sufferer may be spitting up blood.

If the clot is in an arm or leg, tingling or discomfort may develop and limbs may be weak, to grow, to be pale or bluish, and feel cold.

a clot in the brain may show signs or symptoms of a stroke and / or a severe headache may develop.

If the clot grows into a vein, it can block blood flow or break free and travel to the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism. Indications associated with a blocked vein in the leg (the most common) to involve the ankle and lower leg swelling, pain at the site of the clot and increased tenderness when walking, do not ease with rest.

There are a number of reasons clots, which includes atherosclerosis, surgery, extended bed rest, broken bones (this can lead to a blood clot in the leg when the leg is broken), heart disease, or Self-diagnosis of a medical condition thrombosiserdechny attack.

As for the diagnosis of a clot, the initial stage of observation of the aforementioned symptoms. If these signs and symptoms are noted, it is important that a man or woman to be evaluated by a physician as soon as possible. The analysis may include a physical examination and specialized X-rays of the arteries or veins.

Clots are common following surgery or prolonged bed rest, therefore, preventive measures must be used as the transfer of the lower limbs as soon as possible after surgery or taking anticoagulant (blood thinning) treatment for a short time after the operation. Preventive measures include additional control elements of danger (ie stop smoking, exercise, control high blood pressure and diabetes).
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