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Breast cancer is a malignant (cancerous) growth in the chest, which may spread to the lymph nodes, lungs, brain and bones. 1 in 8 women will be said that they have breast cancer in their lifetime.

 This review takes a brief but concise form of cancer symptoms, causes and treatments for breast cancer. Attend a free web-based tool spy symptom that guides you through your symptoms and help you to formulate Self-diagnosis of breast medical conditionth e online diagnosis of cancer symptoms or different conditions.

Indications of breast cancer and causes

In early breast cancer, the symptoms do not normally appear. As the growth of the cancer, the symptoms may include: a lump in the breast that may or may not be tender and / or swollen lymph nodes under the arm, it can be difficult, and have jagged edges, but is usually not painful.

a woman may notice additional changes in size, shape or chest feeling like indentation of the nipple or unusual discharge from the nipple; or redness or ripples in the skin.

Men can get breast cancer, but the females are 100% more, you can get breast cancer than men. In man, the signs may possibly exist as a breast lump, discomfort and tenderness.

the cause of breast cancer, but it increases the chance of an unknown with a family background of breast cancer in women who had no children; or women who have reached the menstrual cycle before the age of 12 have passed through menopause or after age 55.

Many breast cancers are sensitive to the hormone estrogen, which indicates estrogen causes breast tumors to grow. These estrogen-sensitive cancers known as "estrogen receptor positive cancer" or "ER positive cancer."

breast cancer therapy and Analysis

Month-to-month breast self-examinations should be performed to detect any earlier conversion. Basic recommended mammograms at age 35, then followed by a window each and every 2 years before the age of 49, and then every year after age 50. If damage is detected, a biopsy (tissue sample) may be necessary to precise analysis. Various test that can be performed to formulate Self-diagnosis of breast medical conditionth e right to involve an analysis of MRI, CT, breast ultrasound, or PET.

Therapy depends primarily on many components, including a variety of cancers and cancer stage (stages ranging from 0 to (IV). Surgical treatment for pick up at the same time (a lumpectomy), or remove all or part of the breast and, quite possibly, some structures, such as lymph nodes and muscle tissue (mastectomy) is an appropriate treatment. Various other embodiments remedies include chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy.

Experimental Medicine, tamoxifen, is currently being studied to determine if it can stop breast cancer. This drug blocks the effects of estrogen, which can promote the progress of the cancer cells in women with estrogen-sensitive cancer.
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