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Practical theft coup! Step verification to prevent Apple

Practical theft coup! Step verification to prevent Apple 

Practical theft coup! Step verification to prevent Apple

Before we talk about Apple ID theft it has been changed, and was even the utilization of other iPhone "loss mode" lock to extort money, users how to do tricks. Here also brings theft prevention method has not been stolen friend.


1, from the start Apple ID registration, the possible use of foreign mail , such as Gmail, Outlook etc. safer. Why is it? Online selling Netease, Tencent and Yahoo xss vulnerability has many interfaces, 400 can buy, to open a "back door" and "artificial sell number" of the situation abroad mailbox does not exist in relative terms, in most cases are hacked because rare find loopholes, at least more than "human sell number" safe. At the same time, try not to use a common mailbox, the mailbox was hacked once other non-Apple ID account information and a black are also possible.

2, Apple ID password for setting Apple requires at least eight characters and include numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, the password is set to achieve a "high" level of password strength so far . note! Do not use common passwords, it is best to use a different password rules with clear distinction, to ensure not easily be guessed.

3, registered Apple ID email security to do is very important, including passwords frequently change the password also need specialization, it is necessary to password complexity as much as possible, but also set up a separate mailbox password, or other secondary verify multiple authentication methods ( For example, Gmail open secondary verification).

4, be sure to set the security question Apple ID is primarily used to verify your identity, or help reset your password. Security question the best designed, requiring easy for you to remember but others are difficult to guess, questions and answers, the better the more illogical, security question Apple ID when registering for the first time must be kept in mind.


5, be sure to set the recovery email address ! Advantage is that, even if you forget and security question, or the primary mailbox is useless after dark, you can reset the password recovery e-mail. How do I set it?

① Apple ID account login page in the "Security" section Tap "Edit."
② verify multiple security question
③ Click Add pips e-mail address, enter the recovery email
④ Open the recovery email for the code finally verified.
It should be noted that the rescue e-mail and not the primary mailbox Apple ID do not have any connection, if your primary mailbox to protect e-mail is Apple ID rescue mailbox, then the main mailbox was stolen after dark, rescue mailbox also will fall . In addition, in view Apple id set iOS device can also be set in the rescue mailbox.

6, be sure to set it up , this is a matter of the highest current Apple ID security enhancements, especially in the security question you do not want to set up, or more concerned about their own answers to forget the case of strong demand. After you turn on two-step verification, under normal circumstances, step verification will ask you a piece of equipment or other approved methods to be used to verify the identity, even if the criminals know the password, because they do not have "password, trusted device, or restore any detailed account information key "three basic conditions, but also can not access or change your Apple ID, including primary mailbox and password, other devices such as the adoption of new shopping in iTunes, iBooks Store in the application or related behavior is not allowed of.

How to set up two-step verification do?

① Apple ID account login page

② In the "Security" "two-step verification" section that a click "Getting Started"

③ answer your security question, then follow the steps to set up.

④ confirm "Continue" 2-step verification, Apple has described in great detail

Add a phone number ⑤ trusted, then fill in the verification code received verified

⑥ verified by a trusted device, then you may want to set up the "Find My iPhone" feature

⑦ Save the recovery key, save the best paper, multiple copies.

⑧ Verify recovery key again, the final confirmation to enable two-step verification

Again, if due to prolonged logged in Forgot security question answers. After resetting answer, it must wait 12 hours to be able to turn on two-step verification settings. Apple provides a "recovery key" Do you want to take good care of, Apple officials have described can not be resolved this key, lost only to re-apply for Apple ID.

Of course, two-step verification is one of the strongest security only. Because in fact we use to steal your Apple ID, from the entrance without step verification you can log in, and you can still use the "Find My iPhone service", criminals can use the "loss mode" as a lock or erase iPhone threat condition, or give your main mail sent phishing e-mail.

In fact, Apple is not unreasonable to do so, the status of each function, Apple has said very clearly, the main two-step verification to protect Apple ID, and "Find My iPhone" is the recovery of lost equipment and services. The former can recover stolen Apple ID, which is the main consideration to your iPhone may be stolen or lost, make sure you can retrieve it. Another point of view, Apple ID theft can retrieve zero cost, while the iPhone is stolen thousands of ocean loss.

You may ask, step verification will open the Apple ID theft? This is the ID you use habits, perhaps you've shared ID or enter into inappropriate places. However, because the two-step verification, criminals can not change your Apple ID account information, as long as you develop the habit of regular backups and does not need to worry about erasing at this time if you are still in the hands of the equipment, as long as the use of two step verification to the official website to change your Apple ID password.

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