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This article explains, otoplasty and the recovery period after the procedure. It also gives the reasons why people go for this procedure.

change and improvement of the external ears is called otoplasty and it is done with the use of plastic surgery. There are various reasons for the changes in the external ear, and most of them have something to do with the improvement of the appearance. On the other hand, other factors will have something to do with the return of the form and function of the body, because it has been previously damaged or individual born with them. The damage could have been caused by fire, accident, or something else.

Otoplasty basically simple. Surgeon try to restore the outer ear, or to reform it so that the patient is prescribed it. Depending on what needs to be done, the doctor may try to attach to the ear cartilage to try to make them more visible, or your doctor may try to give them pinned back appearance.

pinned back appearance is one where there are ears closer to the head compared to its original position, where they appear to stick out individuālā € ™ head. Reconstructive surgery for the ears can be a little tricky because the cartilage and flesh has to be added to what is left of the ear. In some cases, the ear can not actually look as it should, but close to it.


doctor initially calms or anesthetizes the patient, respectively, to otoplasty procedure begins. When the surgeon or anesthesiologist ns satisfied with the effect of the drug on the patient, the doctor may start with the work. If the patient is in need of reconstruction, the doctor will prepare the cartilage and flesh, you need to do the procedure.

It is not easy thing to get so likely, they can be collected from the patient. It is not unusual to do it, and most reconstructive surgery makes use of patientâ € ™ with a stranger flesh. If the procedure plastic surgery procedure, the doctor will mark the current ear to indicate that he should do and where he should do it. Securing such as take-off some of the excess cartilage and flesh, and then rearranging them in a desired position. Creating exceeds ears seem small and in the same way; cut off the excesses.

Recovery Recovery from this procedure is easy and fast. Prescribed medicines and surgical recommendations, should be used to prevent complications from educating their ugly heads. Most probability nye drugs are antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers. Immediately after the otoplasty, the patient should still not feel any pain because of the anesthesia.

Otoplasty: Change the look of your ears with oneâ € ™

The discomfort can occur when a patient has gone home. This is where the presence of drugs ready before the procedure is a good idea.
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